18 July 2023

George Digweed delivers a Masterclass

Peter Jones speaks with George Digweed - Following on from George Digweed's recent victory at the world FITASC 2023, Peter Jones is especially delighted to have had the opportunity to interview George during the filming of a unique Masterclass by George, recently launched via the ‘Shooting & Hunting Academy’.

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17 August 2021

How to Shoot Driven Boar

In a superb Masterclass delivered by one of the world’s finest driven Boar shots and filmed at Braces of Bristol, UK CEO of Blaser Group and highly acclaimed driven boar shooter - Frederic Hanner, delivers an in depth and insightful look at shooting driven Boar on the continent that is perfect for those traveling abroad to shoot driven boar.

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08 April 2021

Venison Cooking - Michelin Star Masterclass

What do top Michelin Star Chef’s Gordan Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White and many others have in common?  The answer is they all hunt or shoot and have promoted their harvested game in their cooking.

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05 February 2021

Precision Rifle UK

We explain why so many people involved in Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and the UK’s Precision Rifle League have started deer stalking.

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