Training Films by County Deer Stalking

The following training films are intended to assist you in becoming a more proficient and accomplished deer stalker and are designed to provide information and tips in line with best practice guidelines. 

To view other short films about deer stalking follow this link: short-films

Click on the image below to watch each film.   

How To Start Deer Stalking 180px

How To Start Deer Stalking - Apr 23   

Learn to Hunt Deer in Scotland

Learn to Hunt Deer in Scotland - Feb 23   

Hunting Academy Learn From The Best

Hunting Academy - Learn From The Best - Feb 23   

Venison Cooking Masterclass Trailer 1

Michelin Star Venison Cooking Masterclass - Official Trailer - Apr 21   

Film Still Apr 2021 180px

Gralloching and Inspection Masterclass - Official trailer - Mar 21   

Online Butchery Skinning Course Trailer 180px

Online Butchery & Skinning Course - Official trailer - Mar 21   

Film Still Jan 2021

Online Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1 (PDS1) - Official trailer - Jan 21   

Film Still Nov 2018 180px

How to Gralloch a Deer - We illustrate the Ground & Suspended Gralloch Nov 18   

Film Still Oct 2018 180px

Rifle Marksmanship Course for Deer Stalkers - Sept 18    

Film Link Oct 17

Woodland Staker Challenge - We join the Capreolus Club for a range day Sep 17  

Film Link Jan 2017

Field to Plate - Peter Jones demonstrates some basic butchery techniques  

Film Link July 2016

Swarovski Z8i Rifle Scope - We look at the new Z8i from Swarovski Optik 

Fim Link May 2016

Improve Your Marksmanship - Seven invaluable tips. 

Film Link Mar 2016

How to Zero your Rifle - We show you how to zero your rifle in six simple steps.

Proficient Stalker Film link aug26

Proficient Deer Stalker Course - An insight into CDS Courses and Training.

Roe Calling film link 180px 1

How to Call a Roe Buck We provide some guidance to help with Roe calling.  

Ticks lyme

Ticks and Lyme Disease - Help protect yourself against Lyme disease by watching this short film. 

Calibres for Deer

Calibres for Deer - We consider the top calibres for deer and discuss calibres from .243 to 300 Win Mag.

Training Film Link high seats

Highseats - Improve your shooting. We look at some top tips for better high seat use.

Film Thumbnail mar26

Shooting Sticks
How accurately can you shoot from sticks? We compare Split sticks with the Quad pod.

Binoculars Film Image

How to Use Binoculars
Five basic rules to better binocular use.

Training Flim LONG RANGE still

Long Range Shooting
We show you how to improve your long range shooting.  

Training Flim POSITIONS still

Shooting Positions
Learn how to improve your technique from different shooting position.

Training Flim SAFETY still

Basic Rifle Safety & The Effect of Ricochet
Safety & the potentially dangerous effect of ricochet.


For more films please visit our short-films page where we have a growing list of films that are designed to document our deer stalking throughout the year.  

Our films are designed to provide information and tips that are in line with Best Practice Guidlines for Deer Management. However we are always interested to hear your comments and suggestions, so if you have any constructive criticism or would perhaps simply like to try stalking with us then please: contact-us



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