Roe Buck Stalking

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Roe Buck stalking offers some of the most exhilirating and exciting deer stalking in the world and can be at its very best in the South of England where numerous medal class animals are acheived on a yearly basis. 

At County Deer Stalking we are able to offer first class stalking for Roe Buck during the whole of the season which stretches from 1st April to 31st October.

During the whole of the summer (Particularly from May - early August) bucks can be seen jostling for territory, however the season is at its most thrilling during the rut in late July and early August when Roe Buck throw caution to the wind in their attempt to mate. 

It is during the rut that Roe buck can also be seen to come to a well executed call, something which when witnessed can be a truly memorable experience!

(To watch our short film in which we demonstrate Roe Calling, follow this link: youtube) 

Our Roe Buck stalking is in beautiful countryside locations within the county of Hampshire, a county well reputed as having some of the very best Roe Buck.

Within our cull plan we have many quality medal class animals and can offer superb stalking for both the serious trophy hunter or those who simply wish to be able to continue their stalking throughout the summer months.

The grounds are less than one hour from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and are easily accessible from both the M3 and M4 motorways. 

We can also offer assistance with transport and advice on accomodation as required.

Roe Buck stalking is highly prized and as such we do not class these deer as 'cull animals'. For details of our pricing for Roe Buck please take a look at our: terms-conditions

If you like to watch a film about stalking Roe Buck in May take a look at our short films page: short-films (Roe Buck in May -2014)

ROE BUCK Open Season in England & Wales: 1st Apr - 31st October

To book an outing or for more details please CONTACT US.

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