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Roe Deer Stalking - The South East of England offers some of the very best Roe deer stalking in the world.

At County Deer Stalking we are delighted to be able to offer all year round stalking of this elegant deer at our attractive stalking grounds in Hampshire, less than one hour from London and easily accessible via either the M3 or M4 corridors.  

Roe deer (Capreolus Capreolus) are a long legged and secretive deer and are native to the UK. They are usually found alone or in small groups and for many deer stalkers represent the very best in UK stalking.

The Roe Buck season stretches from the 1st April to the 31st October and the Roe Doe season from 1st November until the 31st March. This means that we are able to stalk one or other of the sexes all year round.

For much of the year both sexes are territorial, however this activity peaks around late July and early August during the Rut, when the Buck chases the Doe, usually in circles or a figure of eight, until such time as mating takes place.

Roe Buck are unique in UK deer in so much as antler growth takes place during January to March. The result is that the stalking season for Bucks is over the summer months when the bucks are in hard antler.

At County Deer Stalking we have a good range of trophy Roe Buck and less dominant Roe Buck during the summer, along with a sizeable Doe cull to undertake during the winter months.

To watch us stalking Winter Roe Deer and for more information about the stalking of Roe Does, take a look at our short films page: short-films (February 2014)

ROE DEER Open Season in England & Wales
Bucks 1st Apr - 31st October
Does 1st Nov - 31st March


If you are interested in stalking Roe Deer then please CONTACT US for more details.  

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