Sika Deer Stalking

sikadeerThe UK offers some great opportunities to stalk Sika Deer. Sika Deer Stalking can be highly challenging as these deer are a secretive and whilly quarry.

At County Deer Stalking we are delighted to be able to offer superb Sika Deer Stalking in Kent for both cull animals and world class Sika Stag Trophies. Please contact us for details. 

As well as Kent many Sika Deer hunters will visit Scotland where there is a large population of Sika, along with an increasing number of Sika/Red Hybrids.

There are however other large herds in Dorset and the New Forest, along with smaller populations of Sika in Kent and East Anglia.

Sika Deer (Cervus Nippon) are one of the larger UK Deer Species having originally been introduced to the UK in the 19th Century from Japan.

Typically existing in single sex groups but mixing more readily during the Rut in September, Sika deer are a highly vocal deer with a large range of unusual calls.

Deer Stalking seasons vary between England & Wales and Scotland.

The Open Season for Sika Deer in England & Wales:

Sika Stags: 1st August - 31st April
Sika Hinds: 1st Nov - 31st March

The Open Season for Sika Deer in Scotland:

Sika Stags: 1st July - 20th October
Sika Hinds: 21st October - 15th February.

For more information about opportunities to stalk Sika Deer please contact us. 

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