Venison Cooking Masterclass

In essence, hunting is about selectively harvesting a sustainable food source from its natural environment. For deer stalkers the harvest comes in the form of venison, a wonderful, wild, free- range, healthy meat that is lower in calories than any other red meat, high in Iron, Riboflavin, B6 & B12 and high in Niacin, which helps prevent the onset of osteoarthritis.

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Following on perfectly from the Skinning & Butchery Course, Michelin Star Chef Chaniotis demonstrates how to cook and present six beautiful venison dishes that will enhance both the meats flavour and presentation.

The class utilises some of the most common cuts of venison, such as the Saddle, Shank, Tenderloin and Shoulder. The recipes are also easy to follow and rely on ingredients that are readily available.

This fabulous Masterclass delivered by one of the UK’s most brilliant, young Chef’s and produced by County Deer Stalking, is an opportunity to transform your cooking.

Venison Cooking Masterclass

Why present tired bland venison dishes? Learn to cook like a pro’, ‘wow’ your friends and family and rediscover the taste of venison.

During this wonderful masterclass Chef Chaniotis shows you how to cook and present the following six dishes. 

  • Venison Fillet Tartare
  • Venison Casserole
  • Venison Shank
  • Venison Cutlets
  • Venison Rolled Boneless Saddle
  • Braised Venison Shoulder - Chou Farci

Click on the following link to enrol today for just £35-00: michelin-star-venison- cooking-masterclass

Venison Cookery Class


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