Popular Rifle Calibres Legal for Deer Stalking in the UK


Hunting Calibres for UK Deer Management & Stalking - Whilst there is a lack of uniformity between legislation in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and some smaller calibres are permissible for hunting Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac, in order to shoot all six species of deer throughout the whole of the UK, the legal requirements are that the rifle used should produce a minimum of 1750 ft lbs of energy and 2450 fps at the muzzle, and be of a calibre no less than .240 ins (6mm).

Ammunition should also be of the expanding variety with bullet weights of no less than 80 grains. (Click on this link for information about:expanding-ammunition)

For more detail about the independent deer hunting legislation and legal requirements for each specific country, (England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) please click on the following link to visit our 'Deer Stalking UK Legislation' page: deer-stalking-uk-legislation

(To watch a short film in whcih we consider the top hunting calibres for deer, click on the image below. In this film we review calibres from .243 to 300 Win mag')

Film Link RIFLE CALIBRES PAGEDespite the UK's stringent legislation there are still a huge variety of different rifle calibres and bullets, that can legally be used in the UK for hunting deer. For the beginner and for those visiting the UK from abroad, the choice of legal calibres can at first appear baffling.

The following list of calibres, detailed below, though not an exhaustive one, is designed to give a brief overview of some of the top, most widely used rifle calibres commonly in use today for Deer Stalking and Deer Management in the UK. 

For guests who stalk with us at 'County Deer Stalking' we welcome those who wish to use their own rifles, (provided they meet with UK legal requirements). However for those who do not have their own rifle and wish to take advantage of the 'Estate Rifle' facility, we are able to offer rifles in the following calibres: .30-06, .308 Winchester, .275 Rigby and .243 Winchester. 

To find out more about some of the most widely used calibres Click on each calibre below to read more: 

 .243 Winchester..."In its simplest terms the .243 is a necked down .308"

6mm PPC..."Developed for Bench Rest Shooting this is an extremely accurate calibre"

6mm-xc-norma..."touted as one of the most accurate cartridges in the world"

6-5-creedmoor....."So what is so great about the 6.5 Creedmoor?"

6-5-prc ..... "The 6.5PRC is essentially a 6.5 Creedmoor Magnum"

.25-06 Remington..."Originally a wildcat calibre until standardised by Remington"

6.5 x 55 Swedish..."There is no denying this is a deceptively effective calibre"

.270 Winchester..."Developed in 1923 and released by Winchester in 1925"

.308 Winchester..."One of the most popular calibres of all time"

.30-06 Springfield..."The most iconic caliber ever to have emerged from the States"

6mm BR..."The BR does not in fact stand for British but Bench Rest"

7x57mm-mauser..."Also referred to as the .275 Rigby"

7mm-remington-magnum..."Heralded as one of the greatest of all time"

.303 British..."Developed in the 1880's this is a truly legendary calibre"

.300 Winchester Magnum..."Effective for everything up to dangerous game"

9-3x74r... "Why do the European love their 9.3x74R and is it suitable for the UK?"

For more information about Rifle Calibres and Rifle Reviews read on

Woodland Stalker PJ 555

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Sauer Rifle close up

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Why not have your say? email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us where you stalk and why you have chosen your specific calibre. We'll add your comments to our new survey: what-is-your-favourite-calibre

'County Deer Stalking' is the leading supplier of deer stalker outings and training in the south east of England. Just one hour from London, we carry out hundreds of deer stalking outings and training courses each year.

Our official members club the 'Capreolus Club' is also the finest club of its type in the UK. For more information about our deer stalking and large game hunting club follow this link: capreolusclub

PDS1 Deer Stalking Course

Alternatively, if you'd like to learn more about calibres and deer stalking, or if you'd like some deer stalker training, then we recommend the hugely popular 'Proficient Deer Stalker' (PDS1) Certificate. A  course that is 'accredited' by both the UK's two main land-based awarding bodies LANTRA and UK Rural Skills. You can get started on your PDS1 today, by simply following this link: deer-stalking-course Or to read more about the PDS1 click here: proficient-stalker

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