6mm BR

6mm BR. Though this calibre was invented in the UK, the 6mm BR does not in fact stand for British as one might expect but instead 'BR' stands for bench rest.

6mmbrThis is an extremely popular in the states and like the 6 PPC is needless to say an excellent Bench Rest Calibre in fact it is perhaps more accurate than the 6PPC at ranges from 300 - 1000 yards, that said there is no denying the 6PPC is still the king of bench rest at closer ranges.

(Left: The 6mm BR)

Originally created by Norma the 6mm BR is also occasionally referred to as the 6mm Norma BR. Norma created the cartridge from the 6mm Remington Bench rest case and made the neck longer and marginally increased the base dimension. Although like the 6PPC it is unusual amongst deer stalkers it is none the less an accurate round and very popular amongst home loaders.

Typically the 6mm BR will fire a 105 grain bullet at 2,950 FPS giving around 2000 ftlbs of energy and just a little more Ooomph than the 6PPC

Typical Ballistics (105 grain bullet)

Muzzle Energy: 2000 ft/lbs

Muzzle Velocity: 2950 fps

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