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'County Deer Stalking' is committed to the environment via a climate-focused diet and to the betterment of species through the careful selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals

Our films are intended to provide viewers with countless useful hints and tips that are in line with best practice guidleines for UK deer management. 

If you'd like to learn to stalk deer then why not contact us on: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or to find out more about the hugely popular Proficient Deer Stalkers Certificate (PDS1) simply follow this link: proficient-stalker

(For more Training Films click here: training-films)

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Film Still Stalking Show Apr 24 180px

Top 7 Hunting Rifles of 2024 - May 24

Film Still Stalking Show Apr 24 180px

LIVE at the Stalking Show 2024 - Apr 24

Film Still Apr 24 180px

Peter Jones Stalks Roe Deer on the River Test & Culls 4 Sika in Dorset - Apr 24

Film Still Mar 24 180px

Carnivore diet - Why she started hunting deer - Mar 24

Film Still Feb 24 180px

How Effective is the 6.5 Creedmoor on Deer? - Feb 24

Film Still Dec 23 180px

One Shot - A Deer Hunter's Testimony | Blaser K95 Ultimate in 6.5 Creedmoor - Dec 23

Film Still Sept 23 180px

The End of Deer Stalking As We Know it - Oct 23

Film Still Oct 23 180px

Fallow Buck, Dragons & St George - Sep 23

Film Still Aug 23 180px

Jason Doyle & Peter Jones Stalk Roebuck - Aug 23

Film Still May 23 180px

Urban Deer Control - May 23

Film Still Apr 2023 180px

First Hunt First Deer - Apr 23

Hardcore Scotland Deer Stalking

Hardcore Scotland Deer Stalking - Mar 23

Film Still Mar 2023 180px

21 Sika in 24hrs - Deer Management Cull - Dec 22

Film Still Nov 2022 180px

Hunting Exmoor Giants - Nov 22

Film Still Jun 2022 180px

Pre War .303 Lee-Enfield For Deer? - Jun 22

Film Still Apr 2022 180px

PERFECT 321m Heart Shot with Swarovski DS Scope - Apr 22

Film Still Dec 2021 180px

Hunting the Scottish Highland Red - Nov 21

Film Still Nov 2021 180px

Top Deer Hunting Rifles - Oct 21

Film Still Jul 2021 180px

Medal Class English Roebuck - Jun 21  

Film Still 3 Apr 2021 180px

Sika Deer Stalking on the Isle of Purbeck with 300 Win Mag - Mar 21  

Film Still Sustainable Meat Eater Jan 2021

Sustainable Meat Eater - Hunting for food - Jan '21  

Film Still Oct 2020 180px

New Forest Fallow In the Rut - Nov '20  

Film Still June 2020 180px

Red Stag Hunting UK - Massive 28 pt Lowland Red - June '20  

Film Still May 2020 180px 1

Fatal Spine Shot on a Murder Buck - Hampshire April '20  

Film Still Mar 2020 180px 1

Hunting the Mythological White Hart - Near Ashdown Forest - Feb '20  

Film Still Jan 2020 180px 1

Epic Norwegian Elk Hunt - We come to you from central Norway - Dec 19   

Film Still Nov 2019 180px 1

HUGE Red Stag Hunt - We stalk a magnificent lowland Red Stag - Oct 19   

Film Still Sept 2019 180px 2

South Africa Special - Hunting African Plains Game Sept 19   

Film Still June 2019 180px

What Is The Best Calibre For Stalking In The Highlands? June 19   

Film Still May 2019 180px

Roe Stalking in Hampshire - The final days of the Doe season. May 19   

Film Still 1 Apr 2019 180px

Winter Stalking in the South East - Stalking in the snow. Apr 19   

Film Still Feb 2019 180px

Deer Hunting in the Beautiful West Highlands of Scotland - Feb 19   

Film Still Dec 2018 180px

Headshot - The rights and wrongs of head shooting - Dec 18   

Film Still Oct 2018 180px

Rifle Marksmanship Course for Deer Stalkers - Sept 18   

Film Still Sept 2018 180px

Summer Deer Stalking - We hunt Roe & Muntjac in Hampshire - August 18  

Film Still June 2018 180px

Roebuck Hunting in May - We stalk Roebuck in Wiltshire - May 18  

Film Still May 2018 180px

Fallow & Muntjac Stalking in Oxfordshire - May 18  

Film Still Apr 2018 180px

Hunting Deer with Iron Sights - We put theory into practice - Apr 18  

Film Link Mar 18

Hunting with Open Sights - Can you shoot accurately enough? Mar 18  

Film Link 1 Dec 17

Scotland Red Deer Stalking Special - Part 1 'The glorious Glen Etive' 

Film Link 2 Dec 17

Scotland Red Deer Stalking Special - Part 2 Red Hind stalking at Dalness  

Film Link Oct 17

Woodland Stalker Challenge - We join the Capreolus Club for a range day Sep 17  

Film Link Sept 17

Buck Season - Some of our finest footage to date. Aug '17 

Film Link Aug 17

Roebuck Special - We celebrate the finale of the 2017 Roe rut. Jul '17 

Film Link Aug 2016

Roebuck Calling - Superb footage of the 2016 Roe rut. July '16

Film Link Jun 17

UK Roebuck Hunting - A fast paced hunt in the UK countryside - May 2017      

Film Link May 17 2

Early Season Roebuck - We stalk Roebuck in Hampshire - April 2017     

Film Link Apr 17

Neck Shooting with the 6.5x55 Swedish - March 2017     

Film Link Mar 17

Following Up Wounded Deer - Fallow Stalking in Hampshire Feb' 17     

Film Link Feb 17 1

Roe Deer Stalking - Excellent footage of winter Roe doe stalking. Jan' 17    

Film Link Jan 2017

Field to Plate - We take a Muntjac from field to plate Christmas 2016   

Film Link Dec 16

Muntjac Stalking - A Muntie classic from Norfolk Nov '16  

Film Link Nov 16

Feral Goat Stalking - We head to Northumberland in search of wild goats. Oct '16 

Film Link Oct 16

Fallow Buck Special - Stalking Fallow Buck in Essex. Sept '16

Film Link Sept 2016

Deer Management - Scouting New Ground in Essex. Aug '16

Film Link Aug 2016

Roebuck Calling - Superb footage of the 2016 Roe rut. July '16

Film Link June 2016

Roebuck Stalking - Beautiful footage of a stalk in Oxfordshire. May '16

Film Link Apr 2016

Fallow Stalk - A look at species identification and a stalk for fallow. March'16

deer stalking highlights

Deer Stalking Highlights from our stalking and training films during 2015

chinese ds

Chinese Water Deer - With CIC measurer Chris Rogers Dec' 15

Film Link 2a

Red Hind Stalking - We stalk the glorious Angus Glens of Scotland Nov' 15 

Film Grab 180px oct

The Autumn Rut - We stalk in the highlands and look at this years rut. Oct' 15

Film Grab Oct 15 180px

Late Season Roe Buck - with the new William Evans Rifle Sept' 2015

Fallow Film link aug26

Fallow Stalking - Early season Fallow Buck near Ashdown Forest Aug' 2015

Film Link jan

Highlights from the County Deer Stalking 2014 calender

Jan film link

Woodland Stalking and the need for speed.  
December 2014

Dec film link

Deer Stalking During Autumn A look at the change in season. Nov'2014

Screen link imge 6

Red Stag Stalking in the Scottish Highlands on the last day of the rut Oct' 2014

Screen link image1

Sika Deer Stalking The challenges of stalking deer in a herd. September 2014

roe rut

The Roe Rut The final days of the rut. 
August 2014

Screen link image

How to Call a Roe Buck Roe calling during the height of the rut. July 2014

Film link

Stalking in the Surrey Hills and a look at Ballistics. 
June 2014

Film cover

Roe Buck in May We take a rangey shot of sticks. May 2014

Short Film Apr 2014

Deer Stalking in Spring Beautiful footage of Roe. 
April 2014

winter roe deer stalking

Fallow in Oxfordshire. We cull late season Fallow. Mar' 2014

Short Film Mar 2014

Winter Roe Deer We cull an antlered Doe.  
February 2014



For more films about training for deer stalkers follow this link: training-films.

We aim to provide information and tips during the course of our films that are in line with Best Practice Guidlines for Deer Management. However we are always interested to hear your comments and suggestions, so if you have any constructive criticism or would perhaps simply like to try stalking with us then please: contact-us



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