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Fallow Deer Stalking - At County Deer Stalking we are able to offer Fallow Deer Stalking over a number of beautiful private estates in the South East of England less than one hour from London.

We are able to offer first class stalking of both cull animals and superb Fallow Buck Trophies. (Please contact us for more details).

The season for Fallow Buck stretches from 1st August until the 30th April and for Fallow Does from the 1st November until the 31st March.

Fallow Deer (Dama dama) are a herding deer and have been gracing our countryside for hundreds of years, having first been introduced by the Normans. For many years they were associated with wealth and their presence in the private grounds of many Country Estates was seen as a status symbol.

Today the south east of England plays host to large numbers of wild Fallow deer, who now roam free around areas were once they were introduced.

Here at County Deer Stalking our fallow deer stalking is over the grounds of a number of former Country Estates, however the Fallow today are completely wild and free ranging. 

The Fallow seen on the Estates, vary in appearance and include the four colour variations Menil, Common, White and Melanistic (black). The Fallow Rut usually takes place around October and can be an exciting time when the bucks take up 'Rutting Stands' and can be heard by their characteristic 'groaning' and 'belching'.     

Although the predominant species on these estates are Fallow deer, they are also frequented by occassional Roe deer and Muntjac deer.

To find out more about Fallow Deer and to watch us stalk this species taek a look and some of our short-films

FALLOW DEER Open Season in England & Wales
Bucks 1st Aug - 30th April
Does 1st Nov - 31st March


If you are interested in Fallow Deer Stalking please CONTACT US for more details.

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