Rifle Reviews - Popular Rifles Used for Deer Management & Stalking in the UK.


(Rifle Reviews - Read on for top rifle reviews and trials of some of the most well known and popular rifles used in the UK)

For many Deer Stalkers and Deer Managers their choice of rifle is very personal. Some will be content with an old and trusted rifle handed down from father to son, whilst others will want the very best and latest in rifle technology.

Whatever camp you fall into, deciding which rifle to go for is an important decision. Unlike with Shotguns certificates, in the UK the number of Rifles one can own is carefully legislated and specified on each Firearms Certificate.   

sako85250Whilst possessing a shotgun certificate allows you to own say, several ‘12 bore’ shotguns, having a slot for a .308 calibre rifle does not allow you to go out and purchase several rifles in said calibre.

Typically you will instead be required to possess only one rifle in your calibre of choice. This often results in the decision being a more considered one.

(Left: A Sako 85 in .308 Calibre -You should consider your rifle carefully as you will likley be allowed only one in each calibre)

Whatever your choice, the following list of Rifle Reviews is designed to give you an overview of some of the top rifles used in the UK today for Deer Management & Stalking.

The following list of 'Rifle Reviews' will be extended and added to every time we here at 'County Deer Stalking' get lucky enough to try out a new offering!  

Click on the link at the end of each summary to read more about each Rifle: 

Blaser R8 ......"So the action feels modern but is it any good? Well I have to say 'yes' it is, it's very, very good. I like it very, very much. Not only is it fast but it feels slick".....To read more Click on the Following link: blaser-r8-rifle-review

Browning A-Bolt Mk III....Toby Worthington Reviews the super affordable Browning AB3 rifle. To read more follow this link: browning-a-bolt-iii-review

Browning Maral...."Could this be the fastest bolt action on the market?"....To read more Click on the following link: browning-maral-rifle-review

Heym Heym SR21....."The SR21 Classic is a beautifully made rifle that’s well suited to the UK stalker who’s happy to accept that a wood and blue gun is going to require that little extra TLC"....To read more Click on the following link: heym-sr21-rifle-review

Howa 1500 ...."A couple of years ago after some deliberation I decided to purchase a Howa 1500 Lightning in .243 win". .....To read more Click on the following link: howa-1500-rifle-review

Mauser M03 Exreme......."When Mauser launched the M03, a modern classic was born"........To read more Click on the following link: mauser-m03-extreme-rifle-review

Rangemaster Precision Arms 'RPA' - Woodland Stalker...."At just 36" (910mm) the Woodland stalker is a highly accurate and compact rifle"...To read more click on the following link: woodland-stalker

Remington 700 ...."What can I possibly say about the Remington 700 that has not already been said?".....To read more click on the following linkremington-700-rifle-review

Ruger Scout ....."Since its introduction, the Ruger Scout has received much attention and caused somewhat of a stir"......To read more click on the following link: review-of-the-ruger-scout-rifle

Sako 85 ....."Having initially been a fan of the Sako 75 it is perhaps not surprising that I like the Sako 85 so much"....To read more click on the following link: sako-85-synthetic-stainless-rifle-review

Sauer 202 ....."The Sauer S 202 is a pretty, pretty rifle. There's no getting away from it"...To read more click on the following link: sauer-202-rifle-review

Sauer 202 Outback ....."Another huge advantage of the outback over other Sauer rifles and indeed many other rifles in general is that it is very light weight".....To read more click on the following link:sauer-outback-rifle-review

Sauer 404....."Proclaimed by Sauer as the best Sauer Rifle of all time, does it live up to the hype?"....to read more follow this link: sauer-404-review

Savage Axis......"Savage arms have introduced a range of economy rifles. Via Edgar Brothers we are now offered a UK themed package deal".....To read more click on the following link: savage-axis-rifle-review

Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter ...."Set right in the heart of Austria is the city of Steyr"....To read more click on the following link: steyr-mannlicher-pro-hunter-rifle-review

Tikka T3....."I have just taken delivery of a new Tikka T3 Lite synthetic. My prime objectives when purchasing a new rifle were reliability, accuracy and great value".....To read more click on the following link: tikka-t3-lite-review

Weatherby Vanguard Mk II ...."For many Weatherby is associated with some serious hunting cartridges and for their original well known and impressive Mk V rifles"....To read more Click on the following Link:  weatherby-vanguard-mk-2-rifle-review


NB: If you are also trying to decide on the best calibre to go with your Rifle of choice, then take a look at our 'Rifle Calibres' Page for more information about legal calibres, and an overview of the most popular Calibres used by UK Deer Stalkers & Managers in the UK.

Click on this link:rifle-calibres





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