Sako 90 review. We review the new Sako 90 bolt-action rifle. 

Initially, it is easy to be a little underwhelmed when you first set eyes on the new Sako 90, however, scratch beneath the surface and it becomes plain to see, that Sako have taken a good rifle, in the Sako 85, and made it even better.

Sako 90 Review

I have enjoyed shooting with Sako rifles for around two decades now and have become familiar with these hard working, reliable rifles. So, having heard on the grape vine, that Sako were to release a new rifle, I was eager and more than willing, to ‘hightail’ it round to my local Barbury Gun Room, the moment they had one in stock.

However, as I opened the box and peered inside at the new Sako 90, I must admit, initially feeling a little deflated. It was to all appearances a Sako 85. Not that there is anything wrong with the Sako 85. The 85 is a very, very good rifle. It was just that I expected something a little "wow", and what I got, as I started to enquire more, was more of a; "A’ha, I see".

You see, what Sako have done with the 90, is not try to reinvent the wheel, they have instead taken a good rifle and made it even better, and that is no small feat. It’s like taking a BMW 3 series, which is perhaps the equivalent in the car world, tweaking it, and making it just a bit better.

Sako 90 Rifle

So, what are the headlines?

New double plunger extraction and bolt assist plunger. I’ve never heard anyone complain about the last one, but OK.

New, easy to access trigger adjustment. Good. Definitely easier.

New barrel twist rates, that are designed to assist with the ballistic performance of lead-free ammunition. Very good, and downright sensible in a new rifle.

Durable harder wearing finish.

New slightly improved action, with either split picatinny or 17mm Tikka mount.

Availability in a variety of models including the Sako 90 Varmint, Sako 90 Hunter, Sako 90 Bavarian, Sako 90 Adventure, Sako 90 Peak, Sako 90 Quest & Sako 90 Quest Ultra. Models which provide differing configurations, action sizes, stocks, and finishes that will no doubt, appeal to a wide range of shooting and hunting disciplines.

Sako 90 Rifle Review

That’s it really. Other than that, it still has broadly the same magazine, and magazine release, the same clever three stage safety catch, which incidentally, I think is brilliant and intuitive, indeed, perhaps the best on the market. A variety of models, and much the same appearance.  

Truth is, the Sako 90, is simply an improvement on the Sako 85. It is effectively an upgrade, a facelift if you will. In the same way as the Sako 85 was an upgrade on the Sako 75.

The Sako 90 effectively represents a gradual evolution in gun making, and I see no reason why, other than price, you would prefer the 85. Notwithstanding, Sako are discontinuing the 85. So, if you like Sako rifles, other than what is available on the shelves, the new model 90, is where it will be at, for some years. Until that is, we get the new Sako 95! What will that be like? Well maybe, just maybe, Sako might think just a little out of the box?  

Sako 90 bolt action rifle

To watch our YouTube review of the Sako 90 follow this link:

If you’d like to buy a Sako 90 rifle, then consider the freindly people at the Barbury Gun room at Barbury Shooting School, Wroughton, SN4 0QH (just of the M4, jnct 15) Tel: 01793 940420.  

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