New Sauer 505 Review

Peter Jones compares the new Sauer 505 rifle to Rachel Riley.

Sauer 505 review

I once wrote of the Sauer 202, that it was a heart achingly beautiful rifle. today over a decade on, Sauer are still making beautiful rifles. In fact, in a recent advert Sauer refer to their new Sauer 505 as ‘Designed to be the most beautiful bolt action rifle in the world’.

But to refer only to the beauty of Sauer rifles feels a bit derogatory, it’s a bit like referring only to Rachel Riley’s obvious good looks, without mentioning her mathematical genius.

That is because Sauer rifles are also extremely well engineered and are responsible for one of the smoothest turn bolt action rifles available. Something which engineers at Sauer have worked to improve still further in the Sauer 505.

At this point it’s worth sparing a thought for those that may have just gone out and purchased the previous 404 model. Who now, with the new Sauer 505 on the shelf, may be experiencing some buyers’ remorse. Well in truth, having handled both the 202, the 404 and the 505 there is no need for tears.

Sauer 505 RifleThis is because firstly, all models are all exquisitely beautiful rifles and that is, by their own admission, one of the main criteria by which Sauer themselves wish to be judged.

Even to this day I still gaze at my 202 Elegance with pride, and no doubt, whether you possess a 404 in carbon or walnut, you no doubt feel the same. There I go again, judging something by its looks.

But also, because in truth, not much has changed and neither did I want it to. It is no bad thing that Sauer have kept the same feel and look of the rifle. What has changed fundamentally however, is the receiver, which is now steel rather than alloy, a receiver which, to keep weight down, has a skeletal frame. Why the change to steel, well it appears that Sauer were not entirely happy with the feedback that they were getting. Say no more. 

Sauer 505 rifle reviewThe other thing to change is the cocking mechanism, albeit, you’d have to see both the 404 and the 505 side by side to notice the difference.

The cocking lever remains on the top of the receiver, with a simply push to ‘cock’, but now boasts a slightly altered ‘cocking’ and ‘de’cocking’ red button, that is depressed to ‘cock’ the action and return it to safe, with a little thumb pressure. It’s a superb and very safe system that allows the gun to be carried whilst loaded, without any fear of accidental discharge.

I was told by brand manager Anniko at the British Shooting Show last weekend, that the combination of these two factors has led to a bolt that is: 'as smooth as butter'! Indeed, on working the action, I found it hard to disagree.

Sauer 505

Other changes appear on top of the receiver, which is set up to accept Sauer’s proprietary Saddle Mount, a quick-detach design guaranteed to return to zero when the scope is reattached.

As you would expect, there are a range of polymer, carbon and wood stocks with grade 2 – 10 walnut. There is also an array of no fewer than 19 different calibres, with more to come, ranging from small calibres such as the .222 & .223, to deer legal calibres such as the .243, 6.5×55, 6.5 CM, .270, 7×64, .308, .30-06, to typical European calibres such as the 8×57, 9.3×62 and magnum calibres including 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag and others, that should keep everyone happy.

6.5 PRC Calibre

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The Quattro trigger, which is the same as that in the Sauer 404, also has four pre-set pull weights of 350, 750, 1000 and 1250 grams and notably, the trigger pull length is also adjustable through a range of 8mm, that allows the user to angle it left or right through up to 5°, in order to tailor fit it to the individual.

Overall, I am reminded of my assessment of the new sako-90, which I described as a marginal improvement on the sako-85.

In truth, can we expect more of these rifle manufacturers? When you are dealing with degrees of excellence, a little tinkering is perhaps all that you can expect, indeed it is perhaps all that you want, and that is exactly what we have with the Sauer 505. A slightly improved Sauer rifle, that no doubt irons out some minor niggles that have arisen with a minority of owners.

woodland stalker range day

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