Zoo firearms training

CDS Firearms training for zoos offers specialist training for zoo and wildlife parks throughout the UK. Our 2 day training program is 100% up to date and fully complies with the Biaza guidelines 

Zoo Firearms Training

We believe our Firearms Training Course for Zoos is the No.1 course in the UK for Zoo Keeper Training.

The course enables zoos and wildlife parks with dangerous category 1 animals to meet current guidelines and UK legislation relating to firearms and zoos.  The aim of the course is to insure that you will have professionally trained competent staff armed with the right firearms that are confident in their abilities to deal with an emergency.

County Deer Stalking Zoo Training

(Above: Lowland Gorilla 'Harambe' was tragically shot dead when a 3 year old boy fell into the enclosure) 

“The CDS Firearms Training course for Zoos was professional both in terms of content and delivery. Following a consultation process the content ensured that our zoo was up to date with UK legislation and BIAZA guidelines. I would strongly recommend this course to other zoos and wildlife parks” Jon Merrington, Assistant Zoo Manager – Chessington World of Adventures Resort”.

Our 2 day training package offers:

-           Consultancy and assessment

-          2 day structured training program

-          Powerpoint & film  presentation

-           40 page training manual for attendees*

-          Examination (All candidates are required to take a multiple choice test following the training program)

-           Session on practical gun safety and marksmanship techniques

-          Live fire training session and shooting test.

-           Quarterly familiarisation/refreshers  - includes live fire range practice and other specialist training

-          Advise and supply of suitable firearms and ammunition

-          Firearm maintenance program

-          Ongoing support

Following initial assessment and discussions, the training program can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any zoo or wildlife park.

* The course covers the following theory and practical training


Knowledge (classroom)

  1. UK Law - Understanding UK legislation affecting zoos
  2. Firearms Safety
  3. Firearms and Ammunition
  4. Quarry identification/Anatomy/Animal behaviour and Shot Placement for Humane Despatch
  5. Selecting Rifle Calibres/ammunition
  6. Rifle and Optics Setup
  7. Shooting Positions  and Marksmanship Techniques
  8. Follow up  and how to approach dangerous animals


Practical Training

  1. Rifle Safety: Safe handling of firearms both shotgun and rifles
  2. Shooting Positions
  3. Contact and Cover role play
  4. Marksmanship
  5. Rifle and optics setup
  6. Taking the shot | breathing and trigger control
  7. Shot placement
  8. Judging distance
  9. Live fire practice with both a shotgun and rifle


Our 2 day training program can be delivered at your premises using local ranges for live fire practical training and familiarisation/refresher days. CDS Firearms training services are available all year round, throughout the UK.

Following an initial assessment, we will tailor our program to suit your specific requirements.

Editorpic150With our Police background and experience of dealing with enclosures, large game and firearms, we have a unique skill set.

If you would like a consultation for your Zoo or Wildlife Park anywhere in the UK, or would simply like to find out more about CDS Firearms Training for Zoos then please contact our training course co-ordinator Peter Jones on: Tel: 020 3981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read more about incidents when zoo enclosures have been breached follow this link: cds-firearms-training-for-zoos


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Call us on 020 3981 0159 or drop us a line here with any enquiries or to provisonally book your outing or training course.

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