Rough Shooting is added to the Capreolus Club syndicate, just a short distance from London.

Shooting Syndicate

With the recent acquisition of the entire sporting rights on a 700 acre estate, just a short distance from London near Edenbridge, Kent, the Capreolus Club is now proud to offer both fabulous rough shooting and deer stalking to its members.

The Capreolus Club’s shooting syndicate - referred to as the PLUS Scheme, enjoys shooting in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and now Kent and continues to add new grounds each year, that are designed to be easily accessible to those that live and work in the south east of England.

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Rough Shooting and deer stalking are the purest forms of shooting and require excellent field craft, rough shooting doesn’t often result in many shots, but it does provide an enormous amount of satisfaction, and in the south east just a few miles from London it is extremely hard to acquire.

What’s more, this new estate will be available to PLUS Scheme members at no extra cost! Something that is testament to the club’s continued commitment to make the Capreolus Club PLUS Scheme, the finest syndicate in the South of England.

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The Club caters to members who live all around the south east of England and this latest acquisition of the Edenbridge shooting rights, will go a long way to improve accessibility to those of its members that live to the East of London, East Sussex, Kent and Essex, whilst also being easily accessible from West London.

From May 2021, PLUS Scheme members will be able to attend this ground either with shotgun, rimfire rifle, air rifle or deer rifle. There are ponds & streams, pasture, hedgerow and small patches of woodland offering fabulous roost shooting, and the club has exclusive access.

If you’d like to apply to the Capreolus Club to become a PLUS Scheme member and enjoy unaccompanied rough shooting and deer stalking over thousands of acres, then please don’t waste any time in contacting us while spaces remain available.

Call: 020 3981 0159 or email the Club chairman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or to talk it through, simply give Peter a call on his mobile: 07789 747709.

If you are a landowner and have land available for deer stalking and rough shooting, we’d love to hear from you. We won’t be beaten and can make very strong offers for suitable land. Give the club chairman Peter a call on: 07789 747709 and he’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

For more information about the Capreolus Club deer stalking and shooting syndicate follow this link: plus-scheme



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