Venison Cooking - Michelin Star Masterclass

What do top Michelin Star Chef’s Gordan Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White and many others have in common?  The answer is they all hunt or shoot and have promoted their harvested game in their cooking.

Chef Asimakis Chaniotis

Today, there is another rising star in the world of highly acclaimed Michelin Star Chef’s that is a keen deer stalker and is promoting the qualities of UK Venison.

You may have already encountered him on television or read about him in various glossy magazines, because remarkably in 2018, at just 28 years old, Chef Asimakis Chaniotis became the youngest Chef in London to be awarded a Michelin Star.

Today, as winner of a further 3AA Rosettes and an Acorn award, Asimakis continues his upward trajectory as a rising star in the food world.

Venison Cookery Class

Now executive chef at Pied à Terre, a two Michelin Star Restaurant in London - the longest standing independent Michelin Starred restaurant in the UK. Chef Chaniotis is not only one of the UK’s youngest, rising stars in the food world, he is also a keen hunter gatherer, obsessed with the quality and provenance of his produce.

What is more Akis, as he likes to be called, is a member of the London-based deer stalking club - the Capreolus club. As chairman of the club and with a view to promoting the use of venison in the UK, it was my privilege to visit him at his restaurant in London to watch him deliver a true masterclass on venison cookery which is now available on County Deer Stalking’s newly formed, e-learning platform: michelin-star-venison-cooking-masterclass

Venison recipes“This masterclass is an inspiration and a joy to watch, I now cannot wait to host dinner parties so that I can show off my newfound skills” S. King

For deer stalkers, what is so remarkable about this, is that Akis has devoted this class specifically to them, in a way that will transform your venison cooking. Furthermore, the dishes that Akis prepares are designed to follow on perfectly from the cuts prepared by Ben Heath during the Hunting Academy’s recent: butchery-master-class

Deer Fillet Tartare, Deer Shank, Rolled Boneless Saddle, Braised Shoulder, Cutlets and Casserole all form part of this wonderful continuation from the academy’s previous masterclass on butchery.

Never has a Chef of this calibre devoted such energy and thought to presenting not one, but six inspirational venison dishes of such quality.

“As a professional deer stalker, I have been preparing venison dishes for my family for years, but nothing like this! Akis has simply transformed my cookery to a completely new level, a level at which I am now presenting some truly stunning dishes that do this fabulous wild meat justice. Huge thanks to Akis!”   Peter S Jones

In this wonderful and insightful cooking course, now available on thehuntingacademy you are able to get up close and personal with Chef Chaniotis, and learn countless hints and tips designed to optimise your use of venison. You are tutored not only on how to cook and improve flavour, but how to present dishes like a pro’, in a way that will transform your use of venison and ‘wow’ your family and friends.

Venison Cooking Masterclass

This is a first-class master class targeted directly at those that hunt deer, by one of the UK’s finest Chef’s.

Why not enrol on the course today for just £75-00 by simply following this link: michelin-star-venison-cooking-masterclass

Alternatively, if you'd like to learn more about learning how to stalk deer you may be interested in taking the widely recognised PDS1 Certificate. To Learn more click here: proficient-deer-stalker-certificate  


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