In a superb Masterclass delivered by one of the world’s finest driven Boar shots and filmed at Braces of Bristol, UK CEO of Blaser Group and highly acclaimed driven boar shooter - Frederic Hanner, delivers an in depth and insightful look at shooting driven Boar on the continent that is perfect for those traveling abroad to shoot driven boar.

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For most hunters in the UK, shooting driven boar in Europe is highly aspirational, however, learning to appreciate the different customs and practices can at first appear bewildering. Notwithstanding, for those accustomed to shooting stationary deer in the UK, the art of shooting ground game on the move with a rifle can be completely alien.

Available only through the ‘Hunting Academy’, and delivered through a series of classes, Frederic acts as your own personal mentor, and through his own frank, no nonsense delivery, reveals an insightful look at elements such as, what to expect, which animals to shoot, where to place your shot, how much lead to give, along with advice on calibres, rifles, optics and much more.

Having beaten on Boar shoots in Germany since the age of 10 years old, at a time when numbers of wild Boar in the country were booming and having held a German hunting license since the age of 16yrs, it would also be fair to say that Frederic Hanner has grown up with a rifle in his hands.

Driven Boar Shooting Masterclass

Indeed, there is not much that Frederic doesn’t know about Boar shooting. Today, as winner of the highly acclaimed ‘Wild Boar Fever Academy’ and as a major contributor to the show, Frederic is one of the finest Driven Boar shots in the world.

There’s also not much he doesn’t know about rifles. Frederic’s first career step was with world leaders J.P. Sauer & Sohn between 2016-2019, before he was entrusted in 2019 as CEO of Blaser Group UK, one of the most highly renowned and prestigious roles in the world of shooting.

Classes covered by Frederic during this fabulous Masterclass include:

Class 1: Introduction  

-          Managing the population

-          Expectations for the hunt

-          Agriculture & Hunting Traditions

-          Understanding different hunting cultures

-          Hunting Seasons

Class 2: Hunting terminology & Safety

-          Boar Hunting terminology

-          Safety and rules of the hunt

Class 3: Shooting lanes & behaviour

-          Identifying the shoot lanes and Hunting behaviour

Class 4: Shooting Equipment 

-          Calibres

-          Rifles & Optics

Class 5: Shooting techniques & shot placement

-          Shot placement

-          Shooting techniques

-          Practise 

Frederic Hanner Driven Boar

Hunting trips to shoot Boar are not cheap, so for anyone planning a trip to Europe to shoot driven Boar, investing a few pounds learning how to behave and shoot better is an absolute no-brainer, will make sure that you are able to get the very best from your trip and that you get invited back time and time again.

With his unrivalled background in shooting and lead role in the shooting industry, we believe that there is no one better placed than Frederic to deliver this wonderful masterclass in driven Boar shooting.

Simply follow this link to enrol on the course now: driven-boar-shooting-masterclass




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