Sussex deer management

fallowdeerThe county of Sussex has some of the highest levels of Fallow Deer in the country and as such Deer problems in the county have attracted a national audience. Areas such as Ashdown Forest have had some of the highest levels of Deer Vehicle collisions in the country and Deer Management in Sussex has now become a serious priority.

Whilst both East Sussex and West Sussex are also home to Roe Deer and also a small population of Sika and Muntjac Deer, it is Fallow Deer that remain the dominant Deer Species.

Having lived in the surrounding areas of Ashdown Forest Peter Jones at County Deer Stalking has considerable experience of Deer management in this county and has experienced first hand the problems associated with a large Fallow deer population.

For more information about Deer Stalking and Deer Management in Sussex and beyond please take a little time to browse our website. 

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