Deer Stalking in Buckinghamshire

muntjacAs well as being frequented by Roe Deer and Fallow Deer, Buckinghamshire is also the home of the ever expanding Muntjac Deer.

Since its release from parks in the 1950's the diminutive Muntjac has spread widely.

At County Deer Stalking we are delighted to offer some challenging deer stalking for Muntjac and other deer species, in some beautiful areas of countryside, where their numbers are becoming a serious nuisance to many gardeners and landholders. Muntjac are also thought to offer the very best Venison, which is rarely available in restaurants due to its small size making it uneconomical to farm.

As well as Buckinghamshire, Muntjac can be found in many other counties in South East England so if you are interested in Stalking Muntjac or any other species of deer then please contact us for more information. 

Call: 0203 981 0159 /0208 239 7311 / 07789 747709 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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