Deer Species: Fallow

Fallow Licensed 1

This widely recognisable deer is often attributed to Parks due its highly attractive appearance and the large palmated antlers of the Buck.

Of the variety of Fallow likely to be encountered, (Menil, Common, Melanistic and white) it is perhaps the Menil variety with its light beige coat and white spots that is most highly regarded.

Fallow (Dama dama) can be found across the UK, however their distribution is predominantly in the southern counties of England and across much of the Midlands. Bucks can grow up to 95kg in favourable conditions and Doe's in excess of 50kg.

Fallow are a herding deer and as such are primarily grazers. They can however also be associated with tree damage and are often responsible for considerable crop damage. 

The Fallow rut is in October during which time the bucks will 'wallow', take up rutting stands and can be herd groaning in an attempt to attract mates. Antler shedding by the buck is from April to May. 

The Does have single fawns in June and July during which time they become solitary before later re joining the family group. 

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