Deer Hunting UK - County Deer Stalking offers exclusive access to deer hunting over arguably the finest privately owned parkland estates in the UK. The estates are situated in the South east of England in Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex and are all within one hours drive of London. The estates offer challenging deer stalking over thousands of acres and combined have a population of over 2,000 deer.

We go to great length to ensure that our hunting practices are sustainable. Animals are carefully selected to ensure the betterment of the species and will usually involve the culling of old males that are approaching the end of their lives.

In relation to park deer such as Barasingha and Pere David, our conservation hunting practices, encourage the betterment of species, and have resulted in a proliferation of deer which, have in some parts of the world, become extinct. We believe that the way to ensure the continued survival of some species, is to ensure their financial viability, through regulated, controlled and  sustainable, conservation hunting.  

All shot animals are inspected by a 'trained hunter' and will enter the human food chain as a healthy, nutritious, sustainable form of meat. 

Deer species

We offer trophy hunting for all six of the UK's deer species, including, Roe, Fallow, Red, Sika, Chinese Water Deer & Muntjac and also park deer including Pere David and Barasingha deer.

These world class animals are in peak condition and offer the trophy hunter the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot a medal trophy all in one day.

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Deer stalking is carried out on foot and/or from a number of strategically placed tower high seats. A quality estate rifle/optics and ammunition can be provided if required. If you are bringing your own rifle, we recommend a minimum of 6.5mm.

Pere David Kent 2015The day usually starts at 9:00am and there will be the chance to test zero on the range before heading out to stalk for your trophy. Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

Please Note: We also offer stalking for medal class Roe, Muntac and Chinese water deer. Stalking for these species, is carried out on estates across the south east of England and is carried out over a number of days. 

Trophy preparation and taxidermy can be arranged as required and venison can be purchased at current market rates.

Please call on 0203 981 0159 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and Prices.


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