Since Harris lost their patent for their distinctive Rifle Bipods plenty of other competitors have come to the market with similar or indeed more or less identical products.

One of these new competitors to the market is Webley. Typically associated with airguns Webley have created the Pro Tilt Rifle Bipod and it's a great bit of Kit, what is more it is only around two thirds of the cost of the better known Harris Bipod and so there are plenty of good reasons to like it!

Despite the fact that Webley tend to produce equipment for Airguns there is no reason why their Bipod should not be perfectly suitable for use by Deer Stalkers on full bore rifles. I picked up my Bipod for around £55-00 and it has all of the features that are required.  

The Bipod itself is robust and finished in black, the Spring's are covered by a plastic tube to reduce noise during operation and the legs are extendable and easily operated with a simple lock release and then held in place with a multi position lock. Added to this the base also allows for tilting in order to lessen the chance of rifle canting.

These days Rifle Bipods are extremely popular and well used bit of kit and rightly so. From a good prone stance and with the use of an effective Bipod there is no more stable shot available to deer stalkers. It is not however for everyone. I have had many visitors, often foreign hunters, who refuse to use them and would rather look for an alternative rest or else use a shooting stick. Why? Well for some the added weight to the rifle and change in balance is sufficient for them to opt out, and so it is for these reason that unlike some I do not have a bipod permanently fitted to the estate rifle but instead tend to carry it in my pocket ready to fit to the rifle should an opportunity arise or a suitable static position be adopted.   

Personally when stalking myself and given a choice I always take shots from a bipod whenever possible and find that their use is particularly useful during the winter months when due to the lack of cover shots at deer tend to be at greater distances than during the summer. At any rate if you find yourself needing a new Bipod Webley's Pro Tilt Bipod is well worth a look. I picked mine up from FA Anderson Guns in East Grinstead Tel: 01342 325 604. 



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