Fallow Rut 2012

Weather wise it has been a funny year, rain throughout most of the early summer followed by a mild October. However the last couple of cold days have evidently been enough to kick off the 2012 Fallow Rut.


Yesterday evening 14th October 2012 has been the first evening this year in Hampshire that I have witnessed Fallow deer in full rutting behaviour and what a great spectacle, not tucked away in some quiet woodland glade but on this occasion a display for all to see, right out in the centre of the Estate's largest 43 acre stubble field and in full view of the main Manor house.  

Frustratingly only twenty minutes earlier I had placed a regular client of mine in a nearby high seat, a seat which it transpired was tantalizingly close to the action but just out of range at around 350yards. All we could do was sit and watch as the Bucks proceeded to butt heads and jostle for dominance. No shot this time but a superb spectacle none the less!  

Another walk round the estate early this morning revealed very little activity however more very evident 'Rutting Stands' which I aim to try and exploit over the coming days!



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