What is this all about? Is there a new dreamy romantic comedy shuffling on to cinema screens just in time for the New Year?

No - the man, in question, who shouts at Deer, of all species, is of course County Deer Stalkings very own Peter Jones. So has Peter lost his mind, or run out of ammunition, and taken to roaming the fields shaking his fist at beautiful menil Fallow?

Possibly, but when out with clients Peter tries more pragmatic ways of bagging a dream beast, and this does include shouting at them when the situation arises.

A perfect example of this was a recent stalk around one of the usual estates. Working our way along a treeline, we accidentally ran across an eight strong group of fallow, of various shades and sizes, of which were well concealed in the shady woodland. With the fallow being especially jittery at this time of year, they moved off incredibly quickly. Although the rifle came up, they were half way across the field, in full flight, before I really had time to consider a target.

It was at that moment that Peter shouted, or rather, barked a noise at them.

I've seen Peter do this once before - it's a novel way of attempting to stop a moving deer in its tracks. This could be a full pelt across a field, or a gentle amble that is stopping a clean shot from being taken. On hearing the noise, deer have a tendency to freeze, tense, and look in your direction for about a second before running away (probably faster than before). It does mean you have to be ready on the trigger to seize the moment, but really, how to grab one last chance from the jaws of defeat!

In this particular case, although the deer did respond to the call, the shot could not be taken owing to the close proximity to the road (emphasised by a car moving past in the peripheral vision). The group made it safely in to the treeline, wondering why somebody was shouting instead of shooting!

Coupled with his technique for "being bold" and covering areas of ground in the guise of a normal countryside walker (thus disguising your creepy-creepy intent as a stalker), I'm a big fan of these crafty ways to get one step ahead of the deer, and if Peter should suggest them, they are well worth an attempt!



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