I am not sure that Muntjac stalking is the right term here, Muntjac ambushing might be more appropriate.

Stalking these animals is very hard, they don't stay in one place for long which negates the possibility of dropping down behind cover to pop up in a suitable position, likelyhood is they'd be gone. So what's the best tactic?

Well in my view if you have Muntjac on your ground the best thing to use is a 'high seat' and this can be put to great effect.

These deer can reach some very high densities. I recall assisting a Nursery in Buckinghamshire one year and taking 14 Muntjac from one high seat placed in a seven acre plot, before I finally started to get them under control.

Other tactics? Well I have to admit never having had much luck with a call, though I know some swear by them, perhaps someone could teach me. So basically I am confined to culling these animals when and where possible and this usually involves a chance meeting.

Tricky quarry though they are I am delighted to have them on my ground, more than once they have saved the day on an otherwise quiet outing and I know some professional stalkers 'further a field' who are very keen for their arrival.

They also seem to be gathering more and more interest from foreign hunters who are after something a bit different.

Speaking from a selfish perspective as a professional stalker and guide... "thank God for the Muntjac and far and wide may they roam"!



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