Being a professional deer manager, I see many products come and go that are advertised as a "must- have" item. Some of these are no more than gimmicks that seem like a good idea at the time but in reality, at best, are nothing new, or at worst, a downright waste of time with no practical use whatsoever!


(Left: The Folding Gambrel when deployed). 

The Donnington Deer Management is run by professional stalker and elf-like engineer, David Stretton is full of great ideas and very useful items of kit. The majority are for use on large estates and for people handling fairly large quantities of the larger species of deer, like David himself. With his engineering skills he has invented and put together, items large and small that makes life easier for himself and therefore would be a great advantage to stalkers in a similar situation.

gambrel250However, the majority of stalkers in this country are not likely to require items of such size and complexity. One particular item that I have bought, tried and tested and then recommended to a lot of my clients and stalking friends, is the "14in folding gambrel". Like all of David's items it is very clever and extremely well made. It will last you a lifetime. It will fold up and easily fit into a stalking bag, or even your pocket (wrapped in a cloth to stop it clinking). It is ideal for a quick suspended field gralloch on Roe and small Fallow, just hung up on a convenient tree branch. For a larger animal, it can be combined with a pulley, in the same circumstances.

(Above: The Gambrel when folded) 

Made from stainless steel and robust enough to take the largest Red deer without bending, it's amazing how something so small can be so strong and useful. It obviously can be used back in the larder for skinning and butchering purposes if so required.

David sells these for the very reasonable price of £18 plus postage and can be contacted on: 01332 810 757. I thoroughly recommend you get one for your deer management. 

Alan Shannahan is a professional Stalker and Approved witness for Deer Management Qualifications. Alan is contactable at. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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