In Hampshire September is typically a quite month, whilst Roe Buck, Fallow Buck and Muntjac (Does & Bucks) are all in season the opportunities of locating a shootable animal are diminished at least during the first half of the month.

After the Roe Rut which this year had died down by 20th August the Roe Buck enter into a period of inactivity whilst they recuperate. This means that they are less visible and the chances of coming across one remain low through until nearly October.

The Fallow on the other hand remain in separate Doe and Buck herds, whilst the Doe herds can be seen feeding out in the fields without a care the Bucks appear less visible through until the end of the month when they start  being seen more frequently with the Does in anticipation of the rut in October.

Clearly with this in mind if you are considering booking a stalk be mindful that your chances of success are less than other months in the year. To be frank of all the months in the year this is the one in which I would take a holiday!

If you do choose to book a stalk I will of course as ever continue to try my best. Late summer is a lovely time to be in the country side, the hay and crops have been cut and the trees are still in full green. In addition to this there will undoubtedly be the occasional Fallow Pricket that can still be found amongst the Doe herds and of course there are still a few Muntjac to be had provided they can be seen in the still dense under storey. 




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