Of all the seasons I would have to say that Autumn is my favourite and for many deer stalkers, especially those in the South east of England who's land is frequented by Fallow Deer, 'fall' symbolises the start of the deer stalking season proper.

In Hampshire we start to look seriously at our own Fallow population. It remains 'Off Season' for Fallow Does however it is through October that the Doe and Bucks with their now thickened necks start coming together for the rut. As a result large herds of bucks and does can now be seen grazing together in the fields.

It will take a cold snap to bring on true rutting behaviour at which point the bucks will take up their usually well established rutting stands from where they will 'Wallow' and 'Groan' in an attempt to attract females to their stand.

As for the Roe deer typical activity dictates that they will start reforming into family groups now that their territorial activity has subsided and a few Roe Buck will no doubt start re appearing again now that they have recovered from their exertions during the rut. We will also see Roe Buck yearlings with their mothers and identifiable from the does by their sporting simple button pedicles.

These groups of Roe will be seen feeding in the fields before they return to the woods in November however despite the fact that the fawns are now weaned it is the Buck and not the Doe that remains in season until the end of the month.

Muntjac Bucks are in hard antler having shed their velvet during August and September and both Doe and Buck will become visible again now that the crops have been cut and the under storey of cover starts to reduce in height. Both of course like all other months of the year are in season.

At County Deer Stalking we will no doubt take one or two Roe Buck and Muntjac however October is the time to try and bag a Fallow Buck. Throughout most of the year our Fallow Estate is frequented predominantly by Fallow Doe herds and so we now have an opportunity to bag a few more Bucks than during other months before we start concentrating on the Does during the harder winter months.

In Season in England & Wales:  Fallow Buck, Roe Buck, Muntjac, Sika Stags, Red Stags. 

Off Season in England & Wales:  Fallow Does, Roe Does, Sika Hinds, Red Hinds, CWD.   




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