This is a great bit of kit and just what the market needed! I am of course referring to the new light weight CMM-4 sound moderator from A-Tec. Weighing in at just 220 grams (7 ¾ oz) this all Alloy moderator is some 443grams lighter than say my stainless steel North Star Mod which weighs 663 grams.


(Above: The A-tec moderator fitted to a Sauer 202 in .243 Calibre)

Sound moderators have traditionally been on the heavy side, this can have its plus points for example it can minimise muzzle flip in the bigger calibres and can also add balance, however on the whole most deer stalkers seem to prefer light weight Mod's and this is about the lightest on the market.

More and more I am finding clients are arriving with this bit of kit which when coupled with a low recoiling calibre such as .243 or 6.5x55 can create a great light weight package which is ideal for those that hunt on foot and are not restricted to high seats.

A Tec ModeratorWith a sound suppression of -24 to -29 dB(c) this A-TEC moderator also matches the sound suppression ability of many other brands such as the afore mentioned North Star which advertises comparable levels of sound reduction.  Admittedly the sound is a little different, personally I hear a slightly higher pitched 'crack', however there is little difference in performance.

So any down sides? Well yes, but it's no 'biggy' for those that are interested in this bit of Kit for deer stalking. Basically due to the all Alloy design of the moderator and internal baffles it is possible to burn out the baffles if too many shots are fired through it in succession.

As I say this is no 'biggy' for us deer stalkers however if you also enjoy punching holes in targets then this is probably not the sound suppression unit for you. To give you some idea, typically when zeroing I limited my shots to groups of three before allowing the unit to cool. This is no real problem because by the time I have made the necessary adjustments to my scope and 'faffed' around a bit the Mod' is cool enough to carry on. It is also a rare event that more than 3 shots are fired in the field so no problem there either.

The moderator itself is compact and has a Net length of 160mm and is 40mm in diameter, costing around £250-00 it is also reasonably priced, in fact having tried it and seen it in action on numerous occasions this will undoubtedly be the next Moderator that I will be buying for myself. 

NB. Since writing this review we have equipped many of our estate rifles with A-Tec modertors, If you'd like to try before you buy, or if you'd like some advise about equipment then please just contact us on: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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