A Review of the Burris Full field 30 3.5-10x50mm E Dot Rifle Scope.

Burris Rifle Scope Review

Until recently I have had a Burris Full field 30 3.5-10x50mm E Dot fitted to my .243 Winchester.

I purchased this rifle scope about a year ago for around £450-00 and have had the opportunity to trial it on numerous occasions since. With a big brand like Burris and at this price I really wanted to like this scope however I am sorry to say that it has left me rather unimpressed.

Frustratingly the first Burris scope that I purchased had to be returned because the cross hairs would not come into sharp focus, I also found that the battery that powers the Illuminated Red Dot went flat within days.

The illuminated dot should, if left on, switch itself off however even with my very conscious attempts to insure the dot was indeed off at every opportunity the battery still lost power. Several further attempts to replace the battery continued to result in it going flat to the extent that I simply stopped bothering with trying to use it. This is a shame because the dot itself when working is very good, partially because you are able to adjust it to a very minimal brightness in order that it does not produce glare at low light.  

The replacement that arrived was marginally better the cross hairs were more in focus. I say more because that is all I can say. Sadly they also failed to present a really clear sharp image, in addition to this surprise, surprise the Red Dot went flat again!!! Now I find myself once again not using the illuminated dot because to keep affording new batteries would by now leave me a broken man!

On the up side the scope itself is attractive in matt black with easy to use turrets or 'Hunter Knobs' as Burris describe them, the casing also appears robust and the magnification dial moves freely and easily even with gloved hands.

So what about the light gathering? I appreciate that this is not an expensive top of the range scope however it is hard once again not to be disappointed. To give you some idea by comparison I have an old second hand Schmidt and Bender 8x56 Klassic scope which I purchased for around the same money as the Burris (£300 - £400-00) suffice to say this surpasses the Burris in light gathering by a noticeable margin.

Yes I understand that the Burris has variable magnification and comes with a warranty and also that the second hand Schmidt has a 56mm bell and so maybe I shouldn't compare these two very different rifle scopes, however they are the same money......Sooooo, well 'you spends your money you makes your choice!' But I know on what qualities I would be spending my hard earned cash! 


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