Deer Species: Sika

Sika Deer Licensed 1

Sika deer (Cervus nippon) originate from Japan and are very closely related to our native Red Deer. Since their introduction to Britain in the 19th Century they have remained largely localised to Scotland with a few noticeable exceptions in Dorset, East Anglia and Kent.

A herding deer, Sika are similar in size to Fallow however have been known to mate with our native red deer causing frequent Sika/Red hybrids. Both the Hind and the Stag are distiguishable from a light colourde 'V' across their brow and white metatarsal gland on the outside of the hocks.

Sika stags will thrash and fray trees and are noted for causing extensive damage to trees from their characteristic raking of bark also known as "bole scoring".

Spending most of the year in single sex groups though coming together for the Rut, sika are secretive deer and have a wide range of calls including an unusual and characteristic whistle. 

For Sika the rut is usually August - September and for the stags antler shedding usually occurs around March extending to as late as May. The Hinds typically give birth to a single Calf in May and June.   

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