Deer Species: Muntjac

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Muntjac are a Asiatic species of deer first introduced to the UK by the Duke of Bedford in 1893. A series of deliberate releases in the 1940's and 1950's have resulted in Muntjac deer now being widely spread across much of southern England and the Midlands.

Sometimes known as the 'Barking Deer' Muntjac with their slightly hunched pig like appearance are unique amongst UK Deer Species in that they are able to breed throughout the year, the Doe being able to give birth to a single fawn on average every 7-9 months.

Despite its dislike of cold enviroments the Muntjac has adapted well to the UK and can now also be found in many sub urban surroundings. Their love of deciduous shrubs combined with their secretive nature and ability to find a way through almost any type of fencing make them the common enemy of many gardeners.

Standing up to 50 cm at the shoulder and with a live weight of 10 - 20kg Muntjac are a suprisingly hardy deer and can live up to 16 years in the wild.  

Bucks are distinguishable from the Does by their antlers which are shed between May - July and by the dark 'V' visibale on their foreheads, Does tend to be a little smaller especially around the neck and possess a dark coloured diamond shape on their foreheads. Both Doe and Buck have wide short tails which become errect when alarmed.

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