Deer Species: Chinese Water Deer (CWD)

Chinese Water Deer Licensed 1

Having been introduced from China to the UK around 1900 by the Duke of Bedford CWD are one of the oldest known species of deer and possibly date back 35 million years.

Generally a solitary deer though capable of forming small family groups, CWD can be found mainly in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Though doing well their specific habitat requirements of reed beds have meant that they have not spread far beyond their initial release site of Woburn Abbey.

CWD are unique in so much as they do not grow typical antlers but instead exhibit large sharp tusks. They are a small deer with a live weight of up to 20kg and stand around 50cm at the shoulder. Features include black button eyes and large hair filled ears, The hind legs are typically longer than the fore casuing the rump to appear higher than the fore quarters.

For Chinese water deer the rut is in December during which time the Bucks take up territories marked by scrapes and scent markings.

Potentially Chinese Water Deer have a very high reproductive rate due to the fact that the Doe can give birth to litters of up to seven kids however most Does will have two or three kids which are born around May - June. 

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