A closer look at the exceptional Mercedes CLS 63 AMG courtesy of: Dream Car Events www.dreamcarevents.com 

AMG car

We all know that AMG and Mercedes seem to be able to blend excellence in a way few can match, and I have to say the CLS 63 Bi-turbo embodies that blend . . . (Bi means two in this context)

I have always liked the CLS styling…This car is exceptional in fact I would have the performance steering wheel as a standard issue in every car available on sale today it is fantastic… I always think when you climb into a performance car impressions are set by the appearance and feel of the steering wheel that may sound sad . . . and lonely, but those reading this will secretly agree with my observation.

That small issue aside . . . as the big “I am not a saloon but I am a pretend coupe” go (no middle seat in the back) this one is the benchmark in every way.   It sounds fantastic it handles beautifully, ours has the AMG performance pack which in terms of value was a source of debate (that steering wheel is part of it believe it or not) however there are underlying reasons why I would have this and unless you drive this car you would not understand £7,000 option!! Be warned you will not get that back in the residual value but you will enjoy it whilst you own it . . . and of course that is what it is all about.

There is absolutely nothing not to like about this car, and how about this 549bhp 0-60mph in a short while where permitted of course that will be Germany then.

How about this fuel consumption 28 – 30mpg if anybody can tell me how this is achieved I would love to know it has reaffirmed to me that whilst we get carried away with supercars and sportscars, the ever efficient Mercedes Benz and AMG partnership seem to be able to put that into a saloon with devastating ease and stunning performance these are without doubt very clever people . . .



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