The Capreolus Club is delighted to be able to offer the following selection of excursions, trips and fixed events, which have been arranged exclusively for Club members.

We will make every effort to accommodate you. If you are unable to attend one of the 'Fixed Date Events' or have not been tempted by one of our 'Permanent Excursions', not to worry, you will receive regular emails informing you whenever new trips and dates are added. Alternatively just log back into this page from 'time to time' to view our latest offerings.   

Alternatively if you have a specific request for a particular species that you would like to hunt, or area that you would like to visit, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Through a host of contacts and suppliers we can create tailor made trips to suit your requirements. 

If you would like to join us on any of our 'Fixed Date Events' or would like to experience one of our 'Permanent Excursions' simply call Peter Jones on 020 8239 7311 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Range Days at West London Shooting School

West London Shooting SchoolThroughout 2016 we are delighted to announce that the Club will be holding regular range days at the West London Shooting School.

On each of the dates listed below the Capreolus Club has the range from 10am – 12pm. During this time members have the opportunity to practice, zero their rifle and share hunting and marksmanship tips with other members over a cup of coffee.

For those without their own FAC the club can offer rifles in .243, .308 & 30-06. If you would like to try out the clubs's .416 Rigby then please let us know in advance. (Ammunition will be charged at cost) 

These days are completely free* and are designed so that members can simply turn up and shoot.

Saturday 3rd September 10am-1pm 

Saturday 1st October 10am-1pm 

Saturday 5th November 10am-1pm 

Saturday TBC December 10am-1pm 

Location: West London Shooting School, Sharvel Lane, West End Rd, Northolt, UB5 6RA.

£FREE * (For those using estate rifles, ammunition will be charged at cost) 

Permanent Excursions Available to Capreolus Club Members

Deer Stalking in the UK

reddeer150Through our own list of stalking grounds, deer parks and preferred suppliers, the Capreolus Club is able to offer deer Stalking in the UK for all of the UK’s six species of deer. We are also able to offer park species such as Pere David and Barasingha.

If you would like to stalk any of the UK's six deer species, then simply contact us with your preferred option and we’ll do the rest.   

Alternatively why not join us on one of our fixed date, club trips. Every year we arrange for a group of Capreolus Club members to visit Scotland to hunt for Red Deer.

If you'd like to take part in one of our exciting 2016 trips, then please contact us for more details.   

European Boar

Medal Boar 150Every year the Capreolus Club arranges at least one trip to hunt European Boar. The trip usually consists of at least 2-3 days hunting and consists of a mixture of both wild and driven Boar.

Last year the trip proved hugely popular and was great fun, with six club members shooting 29 Boar, two of which achieved CIC Gold medals.

If you’d like to be a part of our Boar trip in 2016 then please let us know. Alternatively if you’d like to take a trip hunting wild boar on your own, we’ll be delighted to help you arrange a memorable trip with one of our preferred suppliers.  

Chamois hunting

chamoisChamois Hunting is a must for all European hunters. This attractive and nimble goat-antelope usually occupy high mountain altitudes and are adapted to living in precipitous, rugged, rocky terrain. As such they make for challenging hunting in some dramatic scenery.

We are delighted to be able to offer Chamois hunting in Slovenia near the Austrian border, accommodation is in good quality local hotels.

The best time to hunt Chamois is from October to December. The trip consists of three days with two days hunting to include one trophy Chamois.

Guided Hunting, One Chamois trophy, Full board accommodation and airport transfers are included. Prices start at £2750-00 Please enquire for more details.

Moskox Hunting

Moskox HuntFebruary - April

We are delighted to be able to offer Moskox hunting in Greenland. This is a complete adventure as well as a hunt. You will see sights and visions that you will never see again.

Temperatures here can get as low as -50C and so proper clothing rated for extreme cold is essential. The accommodation can be provided at the nearby airport hotel however for the really adventurous it is possible to stay overnight in a cabin.

Prices: £4500 for cabin based hunt, all inclusive.
£3950 for the hunt only, staying at the hotel is in addition and will be subject to current rates.

* Hotel based hunt is staying at the airport hotel, in a heated room, wifi, good menu, showers, bar etc. This is all at hunters cost.

Balearic Boc 

Balearic BocBalearic Boc can only be hunted on the island of Mallorca.

The season is all year round but generally the months of June - August are too hot to hunt.

The hunt lasts 2 days and 3 nights. It includes airport pick up in a jeep Cherokee or Range Rover, guide, translator, drinks and food during hunting days, including lunch and dinner & wine and the first trophy prep.

The price does not include accommodation, however this can quickly and easily be arranged at many local hotels and lodges depending on the hunters requirements. Flights are also not included but are simple and cheap to arrange.

Prices start from £2500 for a representative head to £7750-00 for a Gold Medal.

Spanish Ibex


Members are offered the opportunity to hunt for a representative Beceite Ibex just outside of Madrid, Spain.

This superb trip includes airport transfers, full board accommodation, an English speaking guide and trophy preparation. 

Price: £2995-00.

Please enquire for more details.  

Rhino Vita Darting in South Africa

rhinoFor the foreseeable future The Capreolus Club is delighted to be one of the few providers in the world to be able to offer Vita Dart Hunting of African Rhino. 

This is a highly ethical and exhilarating means of hunting one of Africa’s ‘Big Five’ whilst also making a personal and valuable contributing to the conservation of the species.  

Members are able to experience the thrill of hunting and shooting a Rhino. The projectile however is a dart that administers a crucial dose of vitamins. Subsequent tranquilizing by a vet allows you to be photographed with your trophy while measurements are taken for a replica wall mount. It is also possible to have the beast formally measured by a SCI representative for an award under the ‘Darted Rhino Category’.    

Please enquire for more details about this very special and unique three (3) day hunt.  

£9500-00 (Upon request additional days can be added to the trip in order to hunt other species) 

African Plains Game

bushcamp cap clubThe Capreolus Club is delighted to be able to offer to its members the ability to experience a truly wild excursion into the South African bush to hunt plains game.

Suitable for groups of 1 – 4 individuals, these entirely tailor made excursion offer the hunter a chance to hunt plains game during the day, followed by an evening spent around a camp fire. Your shot game can be cooked up as part of your evening meal before you retire for a night’s sleep under canvas.

We cater this trip entirely to suit your requirements and can offer as little or as much luxury as you desire.

Prices range from less than £2000-00 for the stay + Trophy fees. Please enquire for more details.

European Bear

European BearFor those in search of something a little different we offer European Brown Bear hunting in the Mountains of Croatia.

Here patience is key, as much of the hunting is carried out at night from closed stands. The best time of year to hunt Bear is between March and April or October and November

The accommodation is in small local hotels.

European Bear are a secretive species and so we recommend a four night stay.  

Prices start at £4000-00 for a bronze medal to £8250-00 for Gold and include full board hotel accommodation and airport transfers.  

Buffalo Hunting

Buffalo CapeFor many hunting Buffalo is the epitome of dangerous game hunting. As a member of 'the big five', it is perhaps the Buffalo that is more able than any other to quickly turn the tables on the hunter. We are delighted to offer our members Buffalo hunting that is tailor made to your requirements.

Hunting can be carried out either in a variety of African countries including South Africa or Zimbabwe and upon request can be combined with hunting for other species. 

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Prices start from £11-500 and are dependent on the the requirements and specifications of the individual. 


Forthcoming Fixed Date Events

The 2016 Roe Rut 

Roe Rut Capreolus Club

July 21st – 10th August 2016

Through County Deer Stalking club members are provided with priority booking for the Roe Rut.   

The start date for rutting activity can be varied and dependent on weather, however, if you get it right it can be a stunning spectacle and one of the highlights of the stalkers calendar during which it is possible to draw in this stunning species to a well executed call.

£As per CDS rates. 

(Please see CDS terms-conditions for more)  

Narford Hall Event

Narford Hall(Red Stags, Fallow, Roe & Muntjac Bucks)

Friday 23rd September – Saturday 24th September 2016.

As summer turns to autumn we get the Stag & Buck Season off to a great start at the stunning Narford Hall in Norfolk. Here we are delighted to be able to entertain 6 rifles for an evening and morning stalk, followed by dinner bed and breakfast at the nearby, four star, luxury, boutique Strattons Hotel. 

Narford Hall is unusual in so much as it has a plentiful supply of four of the UK’s six species of deer, it also offers a much sought after opportunity to hunt Red lowland stags.

What is more there is no limit to what you can shoot and there are no trophy or success fees, save for the very largest of males, for which standard CDS trophy fees apply*. (*see below for more detail)

The Hunting will mainly be from picturesque high seats, with some opportunity to stalk on foot. Guests are expected to arrive by 3pm on Friday 23rd at the Strattons Hotel, after which we make our way 10 minutes drive to Narford Hall for afternoon tea and cake on the terrace overlooking the lake. You will then be guided to your high seat for the evening stalk.   

After our evening stalk we head back to the Strattons Hotel for an all inclusive three course dinner and wine. 

Rising early the next morning we return to Narford Hall for a 6am morning hunt, before returning to our hotel for breakfast and departure.  

Narford hall is a privately run estate with an excellent reputation and so this promises to be an excellent and exciting trip. Please email or telephone in order to reserve your place.  


(* Includes three course dinner and accompanying wine, bed and breakfast. There is no limit to what you can shoot, there are also No Additional Costs, Success or Trophy Fees for the vast majority of animals. However please note, normal CDS Trophy fees apply for the following: Red Stags over 6 points, Medal class Muntjac, Master Fallow Buck, Roe Buck over 4 points)  

White Stags in Devon

White Stag 150September 2016

We are delighted to be able to offer an opportunity to hunt, what is in effect, a contradiction in terms, in the form of white, Red Stags in Devon.Or put more simply two Red Stags that are in fact white in colour.  

With the new season for Stags and Bucks starting on the 1st August there can be few more exciting ways to kick off the new season. 


Please enquire for more details

Mark's Club Social Event

Marks Club7pm Wednesday 5th October

Our next networking and social event is to be hosted at the exclusive and elegant Mark's Club, Charles Street, Mayfair.

Originally opened by Mark Birley in 1972 and acquired by Richard Caring in 2007, Mark's Club is undoubtedly one of London's most exclusive membes clubs. Famous patrons include Prime Minister David Cameron who chose Mark's Club to celebrate his election win with Samantha Cameron and George Osborne. 

Mark’s Club will be welcoming Capreolus Club members in the India room from 7pm for Champagne and Canapes. Therefater members are invited to stay and use the clubs bar and excellent smoking lounge.


Lowland Red Deer Stalking in Scotland

Glenapp Castle Capreolus Club19th - 22nd October 2016 

This year for the Red Stag’s in Scotland we are delighted to be able to offer you something truly special.

We have managed to secure three nights superior accommodation at the stunning five star Glenapp Castle Hotel on the Ayrshire coast from the 19th – 22nd October for 5 rifles. Each guest will be invited to enjoy a luxury room for three nights dinner bed and breakfast for three nights with six course gourmet dinner on the final evening. To find out more about the hotel please watch this short film:

The stalking also offers something very special and a little bit different. In a break from the norm, this year we are offering woodland stalking for Red & Roe. The stalking has been arranged through our contact with ‘County Deer Stalking’ & ‘Sporting Rifle’ author Chris Dalton. Through Chris we have arranged to hunt Red Stag and Roe in a block of Ayrshire forestry just 20 min’s from the hotel.

Not only this but the insightful timing of the stalking spans the ‘change over’ of the season, from male to female. This means that guests will be able to hunt Stags on the first day and Hind’s on the second.

If you don’t want your partner to miss out on this trip, we are delighted to be able to invite wives and partners to join our members, for what I am in no doubt, will prove to be one of our most impressive trips to date.



i) *If you would like to invite your wife/girlfriend to join you there is an additional cost of: £795-00)

ii) *Trophy fees apply. 

Boar Hunting in Croatia

Boar Trip capreolus club1st - 4th December 2016 

Following the success of our trip to Croatia in 2015 we are delighted to once again be able to offer the opportunity for our members to shoot both wild and driven boar.

Last year 6 rifles took 29 Boar, including two CIC Gold Medals. This year we are aiming to further enhance the feel of the trip, which offers not only a great opportunity to shoot Boar, but also the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and good quality home cooked cuisine.


£1950-00 + Boar at £350-00 per animal irrespective of size and quality. 

Coming Soon....

We are working hard to come up with more fixed date events. These are set to include stalk dates and social events. Watch this space for more!


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