We explain why the Capreolus Club deer stalking & shooting syndicate is such great value and why now is the optimum time to join.

Summer Fallow 555

In less than two short weeks, on the 01st August, the Fallow Buck season commences. This will be the first opportunity that Capreolus Club syndicate members will have had, to get the best from the club’s new stalking grounds in the Western Weald area of West Sussex, which to be frank, are ‘crawling’ with Fallow and make up just one of seven grounds across the south of England.

During the summer months, since the club took on the new ground in May, several Roebuck & Muntjac have been harvested, however, there have been numerous, regular sightings of Fallow, ranging from small groups to herds of 30 or more.

Deer stalking syndicate autumn 2022

Indeed, having had the opportunity with colleagues to get a good look at the ground myself, whilst we mapped it out and put in place half a dozen or so high-seats, I have seen similar numbers myself. Something that at the time, left me relishing the idea of just how exciting the ground would be during the autumn rut, when ‘Master’ bucks during the peak of the season, will be strutting up and down their rutting stands ‘Groaning’ & ‘Belching’.  

In a word, this ground is ‘prime’ and what’s more, the club also has the Game Shooting, so by November, plus scheme members also get the opportunity to enjoy some walked up bird shooting.

Believe me, not only are there deer on this ground, but there are an astonishing number of Pheasant!

Pheasant 555px

Demands on our daily lives, often mean that we are unable to plan far ahead, yet unless we do so, it can be hard to take advantage of paid shoot days, it is therefore such a luxury, to be able to just go whenever the mood takes, with either shotgun or rifle without the need to book weeks in advance.

That is exactly what the Capreolus Club PLUS scheme offers. Syndicate members can get out shooting or deer stalking with just 24hrs notice throughout the year and access, not just this ground, but also six other glorious grounds covering thousands of acres of countryside, ranging from Salisbury and the Cotswolds, to Edenbridge, Petersfield and Midhurst. Membership of the club also provides access to the club’s diary of events that include trips such as Scotland for Red deer and the Isle of Purbeck for Sika Stag during the rut.

Covering the length and breadth of the UK, the club has got it covered. There is also access to a ‘zeroing range’ and ‘gralloching’ station that ensure that you are shooting ‘dead on’ and can deal with the carcass once shot.

Gralloching Station

What’s more, it’s not as expensive as you might think. To join the Capreolus Club as a full PLUS scheme member, costs as little as £271.00 + vat pcm, there are no success fees, and you get to keep the venison (or Pheasant) at no extra cost. To put that in perspective, that’s less than the cost of one successful guided stalk, yet alone the cost of a day’s bird shooting! In fact, we reckon that if you plan to get out more than once a month this autumn, it is far more economical than paying for guided stalking. Furthermore, if you sell on the occasional Fallow carcass, you may find the scheme costs even less.

Its great value, but that said, the Capreolus Club syndicate has a reputation for being the finest syndicate in the South of England and that is because we don’t overshoot it.

We want to retain the quality and strike rate on our PLUS grounds, so have very limited places available. So, if you would like to get on the scheme ready for the autumn rut and enjoy the excitement that comes from exploring the Midhurst ground and six other cracking grounds, spanning the whole of the south of England from Gloucestershire to Kent, now is the optimum time to apply while spaces remain available.

Contact the club chairman Peter Jones on 07789 747709 or email Peter on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read more about the new club grounds click here: deer-stalking-syndicate-vacancies-for-2022

If you’d like to apply for membership, you can do so here: apply-now

Alternatively, if you'd like to start deer stalking and need some training before applying for your own firearm , then you can learn more about deer stalking qualifications here: deer-stalking-qualifications



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