Deer Stalking Syndicate Vacancies Announced for 2024.

Fabulous news for deer stalkers and rough shooters who are looking to join a quality, professionally run deer stalking syndicate.

The Capreolus Club has acquired the sole sporting rights on a substantial estate in the Western Weald area of West Sussex that is set be the ‘jewel-in-the-crown’ of the PLUS Scheme.

Deer Stalking syndicate vacancies 2022

The new grounds afford members not just utterly first-class deer stalking, but also sole rights to both vermin shooting and ‘walked-up’ game bird days on what has been historically regarded as one of the finest sporting estates in the southeast.

“The Capreolus Club PLUS Scheme is deserving of sporting rights of this quality”.

As if this were not exciting enough, the club has also negotiated the use of a 100-yard shooting range on which members of the syndicate can zero their rifles. This means no more booking lanes at expensive ranges, the club now has its own facility, exclusively for the use of plus scheme members.  

Around 1,000 acres in size and benefiting from having significant woodland cover, substantial numbers of Fallow, Roe and Muntjac deer, and from being close to London. This undulating, mixed woodland, and arable estate is prime, and was introduced to the scheme in May 2022 in addition to a further 3,000 acres already exclusively available to members of the club’s stalking syndicate.

With this new ground comes spare capacity for a further limited number of syndicate places. Apply here to join the club: apply-now

Firearms Training CDS Lead Sled

Above: With the new grounds comes a 100-yard zeroing point. 

Capreolus Club Plus-Scheme syndicate members now enjoy deer stalking and rough & game shooting over 4,000 acres of stunning countryside in seven different areas including Petersfield, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. Edenbridge, Kent. Ramsdell & Hartley Wintney in Hampshire. Salisbury, Wiltshire and now in the Western Weald area of West Sussex. The club has also added ‘Rough Shooting’, and now with this new land, ‘Game Shooting’ and a ‘Zeroing Range’.

Peter S Jones club chairman says: "We firmly believe that the Capreolus Club PLUS Scheme deserves sporting rights of this quality and that with the acquisition of this new ground and additional sporting opportunities, the PLUS scheme can have continued confidence in its assertion, that it is the finest Deer Stalking & shooting Syndicate in the south of England".

Summer Fallow 555

Benefits of the Capreolus Club’s deer stalking syndicate are:

  1. Unlimited Deer Stalking, Rough & Walked-Up Game Shooting on a simple Book-and-Go basis with just 24 hours’ notice.
  2. First Class stalking for Fallow, Sika, Muntjac and Roe Deer.
  3. Excellent rough & game bird shooting.
  4. 100-yard zero point to check rifle zeros.
  5. No trophy fees.
  6. Keep your venison and shot game.
  7. Clear and professional mapping of boundaries, access and extraction points.
  8. Quality, safe high seats fitted in all areas.
  9. Advice and support 24/7 from qualified experienced professionals.
  10. Access to a growing list of areas, currently consisting of around 4,000 acres of beautiful, mixed arable, pasture and woodland in seven different locations around the south of England, all within easy reach.


The following estates are reserved exclusively for PLUS scheme members who wish to stalk and shoot unaccompanied:

Western Weald, West Sussex - 1,000 acres of some of finest deer stalking, walked-up game shooting and rough shooting in the south of England 

Salisbury, Wiltshire - 1,000 acres of Fallow, Muntjac and Roe stalking, with occasional Sika

Edenbridge, Kent - 700 acres of rough shooting and Roe deer stalking

Petersfield, Hampshire - 400 acres of Fallow and Roe stalking

Hartley Wintney, Hampshire - 100 acres of Roe, Fallow & Muntjac Stalking

Basingstoke, Hampshire - 200 acres of Roe, Fallow and Muntjac stalking

Cotswolds, Gloucestershire - 300 acres of unparalleled Fallow stalking in a block of SSSI woodland

And COMING SOON FOR 2024 - Prime Sika Deer Stalking in Dorset  

Joining the Capreolus Club costs as little as £83.00 + vat per month and an upgrade to unlimited deer stalking & rough shooting via the clubs syndicate is just an additional £188.00 + vat per month. Click here to see some of the other benefits of membership: membership-benefits

Now is a great time to join this thriving freindly club. For more details of the Plus Scheme follow this link: plus-scheme

Or call the club chairman Peter Jones direct on: 07789 747709 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read more about 'going it alone' follow this link: deer-stalking-syndicate

NB: Eligibility - To be eligible to stalk on the Capreolus Club's stalking syndicate, you should have sufficient experience to be able to extract and handle shot deer. You should also possess either PDS1 or DSC1.

To take the PDS1 deer stalking course online simply follow this link: deer-stalking-course (The PDS1 course now comes with a new 'Large Game Meat Hygiene Certificate' that complies with FSA guidlines. Find out more here: large-game-meat-hygiene-course-online 



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