New deer stalking syndicate places are announced through the Capreolus Club PLUS - Deer Stalking Scheme.  

Capreolus Club Deer Stalking Syndicate

Since it's inception, the Capreolus Club's Deer Stalking Syndicate, known as the Plus scheme, with its plentiful deer and beautiful grounds, has proven to be the finest deer stalking syndicate in the South of England and the good news is, there are syndicate places available. 

To go straight to details of the scheme via the Capreolus Club website, please simply click on this link:plus-scheme) Alternatively, to find out more about the deer stalking syndicate - please read on: 

As with all sports and past-times participants usually undergo a journey, which over time sees the individual develop from complete beginner to experienced practitioner, with sufficient expertise to ‘go it alone’, and this would certainly be true of deer stalking.

At County Deer Stalking, it would be very typical to see an individuals journey evolve from standard enquiry - to obtaining their ‘Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1’ (PDS1 Certificate) - to gaining experience under the watchful guidance of a professional stalker - to gaining their own Firearm Certificate and then eventually, after a suitable level of experience has been attained, to going-it-alone. The length of time this takes varies according to ability and time spent in the field immersing oneself in the pursuit of deer.

Follow this link for more info' about the hugely popular PDS1 Certificate: proficient-stalker

Of course, this is not the desired end-game for all deerstalkers, many recreational stalkers are very happy to enjoy an outing deer stalking under the guidance of one of our experienced stalkers. However, there are a fair number who’s ambition is to be able to stalk a wild, free-range deer and take it from ‘field to fork’ entirely of their own volition.

For these individuals, it can be extremely hard work to find ground over which they can stalk unaccompanied and call their own, and so they will often join a deer stalking syndicate, consisting of other stalkers with whom they jointly share the stalking rights on a particular ground.


(Above: Quality high seats are fitted in all of the scheme's stalk areas)

For members of the Capreolus Club, there is a second option, which has been proving extremely popular, and that is the Capreolus Club PLUS scheme. In short, the scheme allows members who possess their own Firearm Certificate and a sufficient level of skill, to simply upgrade their membership to ‘PLUS status’ and in doing so gain unlimited, unaccompanied Book-and-Go Deer Stalking for Fallow, Roe, Muntjac & Sika deer 365 days a year, with just 24hrs notice over thousands of acres of beautiful countryside in nine counties including, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Dorset and Gloucestershire. 

What is more, unlike many deer stalking syndicates, which often have only one ground, the PLUS scheme operates over a variety of locations around the south east of England all within easy reach of London and the home counties. This not only allows you to experience the excitement of stalking a variety of grounds, it also allows you to stalk a variety of deer species.  

woodland stalker range day 2

Understandably, places are limited and suitability for the scheme is monitored carefully however, once on the scheme there are some significant benefits including:

  • Unlimited stalking on a simple Book-and-Go basis with just 24 hours notice.
  • First Class stalking for Fallow, Muntjac and Roe Deer.
  • Free use of a Shooting Range for Zeroing Rifles
  • No trophy fees.
  • Keep your venison.
  • Access to a growing list of areas, currently consisting of thousands of acres of beautiful, mixed arable, pasture and woodland in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, East Sussex, Surrey, Dorset and West Sussex, all within easy reach of London.
  • Clear and professional mapping of boundaries, access and extraction points.
  • Quality high seats fitted in all areas.
  • Advice and support 24/7 from qualified deer managers.

Capreolus Club Plus image 555

The scheme is also surprisingly affordable. Once a member of the club, access to the scheme is currently just £468-00* per quarter. Compare that to many stalking syndicates in the south of England and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Notwithstanding, the club’s ambition to add more and more locations to the scheme, which in the last year alone, has almost doubled its acreage.

If you are one of those people who are capable and safe enough to go it alone and experience the sense of achievement that can be gained from hunting a wild beast and taking it back to your dinner table, then why not get involved. 

Simply contact the office on: 020 3981 0159 or email Club Chairman Peter Jones: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. call him on: 07789 747709 or follow this link for more details: plus-scheme

To learn more about the other significant benefits of Capreolus Club membership, follow this link: membership-benefits

Alternatively, if you would like to get into deer stalking and do not know where to start, then why not consider the hugely popular LANTRA and UK Rural Skills Accredited 'PDS1 Certificate' and take a crucial first step in becoming a proficient deer stalker. Follow this link for details about how to undertake this enjoyable qualification: proficient-stalker

(*Prices are correct at time of writing and are exclusive of VAT).




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