Free Deer Culling and Deer Management Service

At County Deer Management we recognise that whilst deer are often an admired and fondly regarded animal they do require management. We offer a FREE Deer Management Service using properly qualified deer managers to help you achieve this.

Our service is FREE this is because our costs are covered purely from the sale of the resulting Venison. As such we ask only that any deer shot remain the property of the stalker.

How We Work

Upon your invitation we will visit your property and carry out the following:

  • A survey of your land, providing you with an assessment of the likely species of deer and their approximate numbers.
  • We will discuss with you and offer advice on appropriate forms of deer deterrents. Including the use of Deer fencing, Tree guards and electric fencing.
  • If required we will then carry out a risk assessment in order to consider carefully the viability of a deer cull.
  • If a cull is thought to be the best solution to your deer problems we will discuss a suitable cull plan with you.
  • Why not give us a try? For more details please CONTACT US.


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