James Mott stumbles across a rare sight in the world of deer, newly born Roe Kids. 

I have been stalking now for over ten years and still the countryside holds sights and sounds that are new to me. 


Whilst stalking Roe Buck over one of County Deer Stalking lesser trod patches of land, we bumped a Roe Doe sat up in long grass. As we continued along our chosen path we stumbled upon two newly born roe kids. Evidently the Doe we had subsequently disturbed had been sat couched up with her young. 

Typically Roe deer will give birth to twins, however sadly it appeared as though one of the kids was dead, having perhaps been stood or laid upon. Anxious not to disturb the young family further, after a quick photo of this rare event, we retraced our steps and let them be. 

A truly memorable sight and a reminder of just how vulnerable the kids are in the early days of life. It also serves to remind us of the need to keep dogs on leads, especially during the months of May and June. It is a sorry fact that dogs, along with other wild predators, will account for the death of many new born. It is also a sorry coincidence that many will also be lost in the first harvest of hay that usually coincides with birthing.

If you should be fortunate enough to stumble across the same, do not be tempted to approach further than is necessary and certainly do not handle the kids. In order to reduce predation kids in their early days are absent of scent. If you handle one, you will leave behind human scent and the result will be that the mother will surely abandon them. 

At any rate vulnerable or not, and despite the odds, deer flourish in our countryside and continue to delight with their presence. 




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