Armed with a Tikka T3 Rifle and Vortex Scope a Ukrainian hunter has turned Sniper to defend his homeland.

Amazed at the bravery and determination of many civilians in Ukraine, we wanted to share this short BBC News article about 45-year-old civilian financial control officer Alex, who as a lifelong hunter, has utilised his hunting equipment to take on a wartime role as a sniper, in an effort to defend Kyiv from the Russian invasion of his homeland.

He is quoted in the BBC news as saying:

"I think there is no difference between the animals which I try to shoot and the animals which come here to kill our people, kill our children, destroy our buildings and destroy our life."

To read more about the origins of the word ‘Sniper’ and the introduction of Snipers in modern warfare follow this link: what-are-the-origins-of-the-term-sniper

If you'd like to learn how to hunt, a great starting point is to take your PDS1 Certificate, which you can do here, via the 'UK Shooting & Hunting Academy': deer-stalking-course

You can read more about Alex’s struggle here via BBC News:



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