Torrey Pines T20 Thermal Imager Review - Thermal Imagers are playing a larger part in deer stalking these days, here, after some time away, Dr Simon Lee returns with a review of the latest thermal imager from Torrey Pines, the T20X.

T20 Thermal Imager Review

Some time ago I reviewed the tiny oxo cube sized wonder that is the original Torrey Pines T20. Technology having no reverse gear, TP has moved on to their latest product the T20X, the main difference is a slightly bigger screen and a zoom function with 3-5.5 x magnification and a 133gr weight which is still pocket sized.

The usual four colour palettes are still there, with 6 reticles to choose from if you like that sort of thing. Unlike the tiny previous version, this model has a 30mm tube that can be supposedly fitted to the top of a scope rail, I personally don’t like mounting extras on top of my scope as generally swinging a rifle around to look at things isn’t my thing.

Instead, a friend with a 3d printer and a better equipped technological brain than me, made me a handle to mount the unit on, far better for general spotting in close woodland environments and easier to hang around your neck.

Torrey Pines T20X

My favourite feature of the new unit is the zoom function. On sighting a thermal contact, I generally zoom the unit forward to magnify the picture. Thus, having the effect of intensifying the picture and ‘locking on’ to the target, thereby reducing other visual fuzziness around the peripheries.

The battery in the T20x is a CR2 and smaller than before, which means a slightly shorter constant run time of 4+ hours, I’ve had mine on for 6 before it died, as anything with a battery eventually will.

In the field the unit is beautifully easy to use, my normal default is green. The multi coloured ‘predator' setting is a bit busy for me and the black hot /white hot screens are a bit binary. The distance to target acquisition is longer in the T20X is better than before, I have been attracted to, then annoyed by, rabbits and squirrels at 150m, one dot and a bit of zooming then the binoculars come out and confirm what’s there.

Like all Thermal Imagers I, it won’t make deer and other legal quarry appear, but it will detect any heat source, find dropped cartridges and even once, some car keys! It’s all about interpretation of the signal, like any good metal detectorist will tell you.

In close woodland with thick undergrowth, this unit is invaluable, I recently dropped a Fallow in very heavy woodland. Without the T20X I’d never have seen it, blundered on, spooked it, and ruined the afternoon. After the shot and a short staggering collapse into the final silence, the couch was still glowing in the display....

To read a review by Simon of the T12 Thermal Imager, follow this link: t12-w-thermal-imaging-review



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