Top Tips for Roe Calling

With this year’s Roe rut now only a few weeks away, we provide a few reminders that are designed to insure that you get the most from this years action.

Roebuck Capreolus PLUS 555

The type of call employed by deer stalkers to lure in Roe deer during the rut, can vary from a single ‘peep’ to a blood curdling scream.

How best should you employ the use of your Roe Call to insure that you get the desired result? In order to demonstrate I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our film from last July ‘How to Call a Roe Buck’. Click here to watch the film:

During the course of this short film, we aim to provide some guidance on how to use a Buttalo Roe call, we also give some insight into what the various types of call mean and what they attempt to imitate.

By employing three styles of call we manage to call in three Bucks during the early days of the rut. One to within just a few feet.

In anticipation of the coming rut we hope that you’ll take a few minutes to brush up on some of your calling skills and insure that you get the very best from this years activity.

And of course remember some of these basic rules:

1) Don’t start too early in the month.
2) Insure that you are well concealed when calling. Bucks can emerge from all directions.
3) Hot and humid weather usually has the best results.
4) Start with a single ‘peep’ before progressing to more vocal calls.
5) Remember you can call throughout the day. Sometimes calling late morning and early evening can have the best results.
6) Get in some practice before the big day.
7) Use the Buttalo from inside a pocket to make it sound less shrill.
8) Put in the ground work and if possible have an idea where your bucks can be found. This is half the battle.

Good luck!

Having shot a nice Roe Buck you might want some advice on how to measure it. Follow this link for guidlines: how-to-measure-a-trophy

Alternatively to book stalking with County Deer Stalking why not contact us on 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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