This last week nature has given us a wake up call to the onset of colder seasons to come. 


(Above: Changeable skies - a reminder to check your winter attire)

For most of the UK July and early August have presented us with some superb weather, however during the last week or so there has been a decided chill in the air, with blustery winds and heavy showers aplenty.

Whilst stalking with a client earlier this week we were stopped in our tracks by the sight of a stunning double rainbow, which illustrated beautifully the changing weather that is perhaps more typical of April than mid August.  

Why do I mention this? Well it turned my thoughts to clothing. By this time of year many stalkers will have gotten used to more lightweight attire. It can take a dose of bad weather for us to recall just how cold and wet things can get in the coming Autumn and Winter, for this reason perhaps we should be grateful for natures recent little wake up call.

This post therefore is simply to remind people that if they haven’t got their cold weather kit sorted out, now is a great time to start reviewing your options. On a personal note I will be hunting Chamois in Austria and Reds in Scotland this winter, both of which will be sure to test my clothing to the full.  

Don’t get caught out, with lead times on ordering some products and especially with regard to items such as footwear, which will need some wearing in, if you’re unsure about the state of your winter clothing now is the time to start giving it some thought.

In order to help out, here at County Deer Stalking, I am pleased to say that in the coming weeks we will start a series of reviews about winter clothing with reviews of items from Harkila, Swazi & Sealskinz amongst many others.

To take a look at our Deer Stalking Equipment page follow this link: Deer-Stalking-Equipment-/-Reviews



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