Lynn Scholes from BASC NW reviews the new ‘Quad pod’ from ‘Hammond Sporting’ and at County Deer Stalking we also give these shooting sticks a ringing endorsement. 


(Above: At County Deer Stalking we also get a chance to trial the Quadpod) 

Relatively new to deer stalking myself, there are a number of things very important to me which I believe will also be important to deer stalkers of many years experience too. Firstly stability, a safe shot comes from a stable base, as does the confidence to pull the trigger.

I experienced improved accuracy and increased confidence in shot placement at all distances with the Quadpod.

This coupled with its versatility, light weight and ease of deployment are key factors in my feeling I would not want to stalk with any other stick.

A quality product clearly made from high quality materials and built to last. Dark green in colour they are made from a plastic coated metal so are quiet to use yet strong and stable. The ability to move the rifle sideways on the front cradle without having to move the sticks is also a key advantage over other quad sticks.

quadpodThe four ' legs' form two 'V's' making them quick and easy to deploy and give extra stability. There are 17 different height positions, changed by depressing a small brass button protruding from each 'V', this makes it easy to get exactly the right height for anyone tall or short, in both standing or kneeling positions. At their  most extended when measured vertically, the pod extends to a height of 65.5 inches or 167 cm and at their shortest they are 38.5 inches or 98 cm, this is reduced as the sticks are opened out of course.

(Left: John Hammond in action with the Quad pod)

For transport in a vehicle it is easy to reduce the height so that they can be transported easily. It only takes seconds to re set them back to your personal required height, numbers on the legs make this easy to do.

In all situations I have found the stability in the strong plastic feet insured changing direction was smooth and precise.

On the number of occasions I have used these sticks I have had nothing but good experiences from using them in all positions. The largest difference I have found in their use, when compared to other sticks I have used, is their stability in the standing position and the ease at which I was able to get on a target quickly using the cleverly thought out front cradle.

I would recommend that anyone looking to invest in shooting sticks check out the ‘Quadpod’ from ‘Hammond Sporting’.

Editorpic150Note from the editor: Regular readers of my articles and indeed those that come stalking with me will be aware of my love of Quad sticks. It is my experience that amongst woodland stalkers around 75% of shots are taken standing. With this number of shots being taken from what is often considered a less stable position, it is crucial to be able to afford ourselves the best possible rest.

I am delighted to say that recently I have been sent the ‘Quadpod’ and am more than happy to echo Lynn’s sentiments. As a shooting rest and rifle support the ‘Quadpod’ is top of the league for shooting sticks. Indeed observant viewers will see that I put the ‘Quadpod’ to use in our recent short film (‘Stalking in the Surrey Hills – June 2014' Click here to viewshort-films) albeit on that occasion I didn’t take a shot, there have been plenty of occasions since that I, or a client, have done and the ‘Quad pod’ has performed superbly and proven itself to be a first class piece of stalking equipment.  

For more information on Shooting Sticks follow this link: 'shooting-sticks-bipods-tripods-and-quads'



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