Scotland the home of UK Deer Stalking.   


(Above: Deer Stalking in the Scottish Highlands)

Today we wake up to discover that after a huge turn out our brothers and sisters in Scotland have decided to remain a part of the Union. I for one am delighted and here at ‘County Deer Stalking’ we’d like to express and extend our thanks to the Scottish people for voting ‘No’ to separation from our great Union.

Scottishflag250From a Deer Stalking perspective Scotland has some of the best stalking in the British Isles with large populations of Red, Sika and Roe deer. Indeed Scotland is for many, the home of UK deer stalking.

Here at County Deer Stalking we will be Stalking in Scotland on the 20th October, where we will be filming on the last day of the season for Red Stags in Scotland. Personally I will also be taking a trip to the Highlands again in December to stalk Hinds with friends. With cousins myself in Scotland, I will be proud to be visiting a country that remains part of the United Kingdom.

UnionJack250So a big thank you to the Scottish people!

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Or to read about how easy it is to visit Scotland for Deer Stalking follow this link: deer-stalking-at-the-atholl-estate-scotland




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