The Capreolus Club return from a cull of Sika Hinds in Dorset. 

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The open season for Sika deer in England & Wales starts on the 01st August with stags, and then on the 1st November for hinds, it then stretches right through into the new year until the 31st March for hinds, and until 30th April for Stags.

The best time to hunt stags is either during the rut in September and early October and for hinds, trips during the early stages of the season tend to be most successful.

That has certainly been true for members of the Capreolus club, who enjoyed a trip on the stags this year in early October and for hind & stag in mid-December.

Erin McPhee

(Above: Rifles were positioned in a number of strategically placed high seats)

Not only were these trips held in peak season, but they were also on what we believe to be one of the finest, most productive Sika stalking grounds in the UK, the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, where Sika numbers have reached densities which are having a huge environmental impact on the biodiversity of the region.

On the first trip in October six members shot eight stags, five of which were excellent representative heads. During December the tally of animals shot was even higher, with no fewer than a dozen hinds shot by six rifles, with every member managing to bag themselves at least one beast.

Sika Stag Deer Antlers

(Above: Five superb heads taken during the clubs recent trip during the rut)

In fact, it was one of those trips where everything went right. The weather was kind, the scenery in the triple SI nature reserve was simply stunning, the deer were abundant and the comradery second to none.

The Capreolus Club prides itself on being a friendly club and that was evident during the event dinner, held at one of the regions finest hotels.

It’s always testament to a good evening when no one wants to go to bed! Albeit with the promise of the second round of stalking the next morning, rifles eventually retired for a good night’s sleep and a morning which saw a very sociable start of 7am, at a time of year when sunrise is not until 8am.

Priory Hotel

(Above: Members stayed at one of the regions finest hotels) 

For a number of members, it was their first Sika and several members took the opportunity to take away the shot venison for Christmas dinner. As for the rest of the carcasses? Well as ever, nothing went to waste, with the ‘Salt Pig’ breaking down the remaining carcasses for sale locally.

Sika Deer Cull

Members utilised a number of rifles ranging from Sako to Blaser, Sauer to Mauser and calibres ranged from .243 to .30-06, with the majority of members utilising larger calibres and some of the finest optics on the market, which unsurprisingly, given the clubs support from Swarovski Optik, tended to be either a Swarovski Z6i or Z8i scope, with one member electing to use a Swarovski DS.

The Capreolus Club has a great reputation for hosting quality trips around the UK. If you’d like to be a part of the club’s next trip to the Isle of Purbeck, then the good news is, the club is back to this beautiful ground in early February.

If you’d like to get in on the action, then there is still time to apply and become part of what is the UK’s finest deer stalking club. You can apply here: apply-now

Alternatively, to read more about Sika deer follow this link: sika-deer-stalking

Or to watch a film in which we are stalking SIka click here:





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