There are changes afoot in September, the sun arcs a little lower across the sky and there is a freshness to the air, that breathes the promise of autumn.

September 2016 Almanac Red Stag

With the Roebuck languishing and recuperating from the rut and with Muntjac  now clean of velvet, but still largely invisible in the thick understorey , it is the turn of the herding species to claim the limelight. First Sika then Red ‘break out’ from their single sex herds and head in search of Hinds.  

In response, stalking guests start to frequent the Scottish sporting Estates, and by the end of September hunters can not only escape the midges that plague the warmer months, but also be promised trophies that are clean of velvet. No doubt, in Scotland, it is September that marks the start of the deer stalking season proper.

In other areas of the UK which are devoid of Red and Sika, September can be a bit of a slow month, with rutting behaviour in Fallow deer starting a little later than the other herding species and not rousing into activity until October. And so it is, that on a personal note, I am going to take the opportunity to try something new and will be heading to Northumberland to stalk Goats, thereby providing the Fallow with a further short reprieve.

That said, it is to Fallow that we devote our August film. I am delighted to announce that the Capreolus Club has been awarded the deer management on 1,800 acres of land just 40 minutes from central London and so it is, that on the clubs behalf, I make my way to size up this new plot of land. To watch our latest film follow this link: short-films

Screen Grab Sept 16 film

If you'd like more information about the Capreolus Club then please feel free to call: 0208 239 7311 / 01403 790244 or email;

Editorpic150IN Season in England & Wales:  Roebuck, Fallow Buck, Red & Sika Stag, Muntjac Buck & Muntjac Doe.

OFF Season in England & Wales: Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind, CWD Buck & CWD Doe. 

IN Season in Scotland: Roebuck, Red Stag, Sika Stag, Fallow Buck.

OFF Season in Scotland: Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind.

(Peter Jones - Editor) 



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