Here at County Deer Stalking and the Capreolus Club we’ve enjoyed a thrilling Roe rut, with a number of clients and club members taking some excellent Roebuck.

Roebuck Event CDS

No fewer than 33 Roebuck were successfully hunted by members of the Capreolus Club’s Deer Stalking syndicate (the plus-scheme) alone, and many further beasts have been shot by members during both accompanied stalk outings and during our Roebuck event.

(Above: Rifles meet over lunch during the Capreolus Club's summer Roebuck event)

Perhaps however, the most impressive Roebuck taken on the PLUS scheme, was by father and son members Steve and Ed, who shot a fabulous old Roebuck on the club’s new PLUS scheme grounds in the Surrey Hills. This excellent beast along with 32 others is testament to both the quality and quantity of animals on the scheme, which has proved to be extremely popular since the Coronavirus lockdown was eased.

Antler Roebuck

(Above: An excellent head taken by Deer Stalking Syndicate members on the Capreolus Club's new grounds in the Surrey Hills). 

Now that the Roe rut gradually begins to wind-down, the Roe will enter a period of repose while the deer regather their strength. That is not to say that it is the end of the season for Roebuck, far from it. The Roebuck season is a long one and stretches right through until 31st October, so there is still the opportunity to take a nice buck. Indeed, we have found that the Faux-rut in October, when the young bucks experience their first ‘pang’ of testosterone, is another good opportunity to take a buck before the open season for females begins a day later on the 1st November.

Oxford Roebuck

In the meantime, there is plenty else going on, with the lager species Red, Fallow & Sika coming into their own during September and October with the start of their respective ruts, so our Club members will no doubt wish to turn their attentions away from Roe for a while and take advantage of some of our excellent Fallow & Muntjac grounds in the South of England, all within easy reach of London and the home counties.

If you’d like to book a stalk or would like to get into deer stalking, County Deer Stalking is one of the UK’s most respected providers, and has been accompanying clients for 1st Class stalking for over a decade.

Call us on: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have a little more experience, to find out more about our deer stalking syndicate – the PLUS scheme, please follow this link:

In the meantime, whether you have done so through County Deer Stalking or elsewhere, may I offer my congratulations to all of those that have successfully hunted one of these elegant little deer during the last few months. No doubt, there will be much more success before the season ends on the 31st October.

If you've had some luck and would like to find out just how good your Roebuck is, you may like to read more about how to get it measured: deer-stalking/how-to-measure-a-trophy



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