An Essential Guide to Roebuck stalking - With another Roebuck hunting season underway, we provide you with top tips and guidance that is designed to ensure that you understand all that there is to know about hunting and stalking this elegant little deer.

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With thousands of deer stalkers around the UK itching to get out Roebuck stalking, now is the perfect time to 'swot-up' and make sure that you get the very best from the Roebuck season. That way, when things get underway, you’ll have all the information you need, to make a success of the Roebuck open season.

To help you get quickly up to speed, instead of regurgitating heaps of information in one long, dull article, we have compiled a useful index of links that puts all the information you need at your finger-tips, and provides you with an insight into everything ranging from subjects such as:  When is the best time to go? To How to measure a trophy? And, What exactly is a Murder Buck?

We’ve also compiled links to a series of top Roebuck films on YouTube, all of which convey the excitement that can be had stalking perhaps the UK’s most favoured species of deer – Roebuck 'Capreolus Capreolus'. Happy hunting!

Popular Articles all about Roebuck Stalking:

With the Roebuck season now underway we consider when is the best time to get out stalking: roebuck-stalking-when-is-the-best-time-to-go

Senior CIC trophy Judge Iain Watson looks at a perennial question with no easy answer. When is the best time to stalk Roebuck? when-to-shoot-that-trophy-roe-buck

How to Measure a Trophy, Peter Jones visits CIC measurer Barry Martin: how-to-measure-a-trophy

Iain Watson Senior International Trophy Judge looks at the CIC Trophy Evaluation System, and offers some tips to those lucky enough to grass a trophy animal this season: the-cic-and-it-s-trophy-measurement-system

Peter Jones takes a look at a Gold Medal Roebuck shot on County Deer Stalking Grounds and considers the variables that may have contributed to such a large head: gold-medal-roebuck

April offers a great opportunity for some selective deer culling, but which Roebuck should you choose this early in the season? which-roe-buck-should-you-cull-in-april

Jonty Drew considers how best to manage Roebuck in order to minimise tree damage: roebuck-management

Professional stalker Peter Jones lists the equipment that he carries with him when setting out in pursuit of this elegant little deer: equipment-for-deer-stalking

So what exactly is a Murder Buck?.....We reveal all: what-is-a-murder-buck

County Deer Stalking YouTube- Films all about Roebuck Stalking

As well as having written extensively on Roebuck, we’re also delighted to have had the opportunity to have captured heaps of cracking footage of Roebuck stalking on film. Please just follow these links to watch and please remember to SUBSCRIBE on Youtube if you like what you see.

Roebuck Hunting in May – We’re hunting Roebuck in Wiltshire with the Highland Stalker rifle from Rigby and Swarovski optics:

UK Roebuck Hunting - A classic stalk for UK Roebuck during a highpoint in the season. Peter Jones & James Schneider present another exciting insight into the world of UK Deer hunting:

Roebuck Stalking - Exciting footage of a Roebuck stalk in the Oxfordshire Countryside:

Buck Season - With the males of all but one of the UK's deer species now in season we have some spectacular Roe calling footage for you:

Roebuck Special - With the 2017 Roe rut underway, we’re out with a camera during peak season:

Roebuck Calling During the Rut – Unrivalled footage of a Roe Deer answering the call during the 2016 rut:

The Roe rut: August - The Roe Rut, more dramatic footage from previous years:

How to Call a Roebuck – We provide you with some top tips on how to call Roebuck during the Rut:

200 Yard Roebuck – We take a long range neck shot on a Roebuck and consider the reasons behind doing so:

We delighted to reveal that in just a few short weeks we’ll be posting a new film about Roe so please make sure that you SUBSCRIBE on YouTube to be sure not to miss out.

To book Roebuck stalking with County Deer Stalking please call: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We’re proud to be able to offer quality deer stalking throughout the south of England, just a short distance from London and with easy access to both the M3 and M4 corridors.



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